Where to Eat Lobster Halifax Nova Scotia?

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Everybody knows that you must visit an area close to the sea if you want the best seafood possible. As far as seafood goes, lobster is no different, and Nova Scotia’s location is some of the best for serving fresh, delicious seafood every day of the year.

Atlantic lobster often makes its way to the tables of restaurants throughout Nova Scotia, giving the area a reputation for mind blowing seafood meals.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the best places a person can eat Nova Scotia lobster and some finer points to consider when planning a foodie trip to Canada for some seafood.


What Are the Best Places to Eat Lobster in Nova Scotia?

According to TripAdvisor, there are some amazing places to eat lobster in Nova Scotia. No matter where you decide to go and travel, you are sure to find a place nearby that is well-known for its lobster. 

Some of the best places around Nova Scotia are:


  • Great Canadian Lobster Fishing Feast. Usually, between late March and early May, White Point Beach Resort hosts a fishing feast about 100 miles southwest of the major city of Halifax. There, you can participate in lobster fishing. Later, a chef will prepare the lobster you caught. It’s a two-day package and well worth it. 


  • Shore Club – If you want a taste of history, you can’t overlook The Shore Club has been around for 80 years. It is near Hubbards Beach, which is near Halifax, and has some amazing fresh lobster. But that isn’t all, it is also known as the last great dance hall in Nova Scotia, and many people enjoy dancing with their lobster. 


  • Hall’s Harbour Lobster Pound – Near the Bay of Fundy, Hall’s Harbour offers a Lobster in the Rough, where you can select your own lobster to be served to you. They offer a dining room or outdoor seating that overlooks the bay. 


  • Ultimate Lobster Boil – If you really want to get involved in a traditional lobster boil, then you should hit Nova Scotia around July and August. Near the Bay of Fundy, you can snack on hors d’oeuvres and wine while helping to prepare a boil. 


If you don’t know much about how to boil a lobster, don’t worry, you can also participate in the Learn To Lobster Boil in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. 


When Should You Visit Halifax, Nova Scotia for Eating Lobster?

Because Halifax is a well-populated capital city of the municipality with the same name, you might think that you won’t be able to find good lobster to eat. However, the truth is that you will be able to find tasty lobster meals all year round.

If you want the wild-caught version over anything frozen and bought in-store, look to schedule a trip out to the coast from the last weeks in November to May. 

However, Mid-July to Mid-August is also when some of the lobster boils along the bay are going on, so you really can find even fresh lobster throughout the year. 


Why Should You Go to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Eat Lobster?

Nova Scotia has a deep love for lobster. They have a rich history of lobster fishing and celebrate their history with things like lobster-flavored beer and ice cream. 

When people think about the best lobster in North America, their thoughts often go to Maine. However, while Maine does have amazing lobster, those in Nova Scotia are actually of the same species. 

Also, many argue that since Canada stays colder, the flavor is stronger, and the meat is more tender. 

And a little secret that isn’t widely spread is that Nova Scotia actually exports a lot of their lobster to the United States, and specifically Maine. So all that delicious Maine lobster you have eaten? It is likely from Nova Scotia.


Is Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Most Famous Place for Eating Lobster?

The debate over which is the most famous place for the finest lobster is still ongoing, but the general consensus does come down to either Maine or Nova Scotia.

Many claim lobster dishes in Maine to be the best in the world, but the fact remains that Nova Scotia’s close proximity means they are fishing up the same species of lobster in both areas. 

Similar to arguments over some of the best crab meats, connoisseurs argue that the colder waters just north of Maine give Nova Scotia lobster a bolder flavor while being more tender at the same time.

Nova Scotia can further cement its claim as the most famous place for eating lobster because many Canadian fishermen are selling large portions of their catch to the US. 

Particularly Maine, so it’s possible that any world-famous Maine lobster you eat is actually from Nova Scotia.


How Much Does Eating Lobster in Halifax, Nova Scotia Cost?

The market for lobsters is constantly changing along with the global economy at large, so the price of lobster isn’t necessarily fixed. 

If you’re trying to buy Nova Scotia lobster in bulk or by the pound, you can expect the price to fluctuate daily from as high as $20 a pound down to as low as $9 a pound.

What this means for people simply wanting to visit the area and try the world-renowned lobster is that they can expect to be paying prices anywhere between $20 to $35 for a restaurant-quality lobster roll that the area is known for.

Though this sounds expensive, it is considered a reasonable price, and many people consider it a crime to visit Nova Scotia without trying the lobster at least once. 


Final Thoughts on Eating Lobster Halifax Nova Scotia

Many of us have heard about delicious Maine lobster, but many argue that Nova Scotia’s lobster is far better. 

Nevertheless, it is well worth a visit if you are in the area or enjoy lobster. With various lobster-flavored foods and drinks, and packages to try your hand at fishing and eating lobster, you can find something with this delicious portion wherever you go!


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