What Time Petronas Towers Light Up

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Petronas Towers skylines - What Time they Light Up

When you’re traveling around the world, you want to make sure you’re seeing the best sights, so you don’t waste your precious time. So look no further than the Petronas Twin Towers during a visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Petronas Towers typically light up at dusk or roughly 7 PM every day. The shine of the lights is accompanied by the Lake Symphony Water Fountain Show in KLCC Park for a few hours as well.

Keep reading to learn more about when the brilliant lights light up this amazing piece of human creativity and engineering and other tips to get the best views possible.


At What Time do Petronas Towers Light Up?

You might think that the times when the Petronas Towers light up change with the changing seasons, but this isn’t the case.

Because the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur are located so close to the equator, sunrises and sunsets occur around the same time throughout much of the year.

This means that when the Petronas Towers light up at dusk every day, they usually light up around 7 PM. The room for error with this time is about 30 minutes on either side of 7 PM – so anywhere between 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM is your best bet.

If you arrive before the Petronas Towers light up, the Lake Symphony Water Fountain Show at the KLCC Park may be ongoing, so you can have some entertainment before and during the main attraction.


Does the Place Get Crowded Once the Petronas Towers Light Up?

The lighting up of the Petronas Towers is one of the highlights of anyone who visits the area, so the area becomes crowded with tourists trying to get the perfect picture for their memories.

However, because people are outside to view the lights on the exterior of the towers, there is still some space between groups of people most of the time.

The areas inside of the towers that are open to the public are not crowded once the tower lights up. This is because the visiting hours only extend from 10 AM to 6 PM before guests are politely ushered to the exits.

Luckily, the towers offer a single evening tour that is admitted at 6:30 PM for a group of up to 10 people. So aside from any office or tower workers, people on this tour will be the only ones inside the tower.


At What Time You Should Get to Petronas Towers To See How They Light Up

The whole point of watching the Petronas Towers is to be there as they light up to start a magical night. Therefore, it is ideal for showing up at least a half hour (30 minutes) before dusk.

You may need to account for extra time if you have elderly or disabled family members accompanying you. Not only will this ensure you arrive before the lights turn on, but you should also be able to find a spot that accommodates your whole party easier.


When Is The Best Time to See the Petronas Towers After They Light Up?

After the Petronas Towers light up, the lights will remain on until about midnight for a total of roughly 5 hours.

Any time after the initial lighting up of the towers is a great time to see the towers shine among the other buildings of Kuala Lumpur, but some of the best times are at 8 PM, 9 PM, and 10 PM.

This is because you can have an excellent view of the towers from the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) Park, where the Lake Symphony plays light, sound, and water performances at those times.


Where Should You Stand to See the Petronas Towers Lighting Up?

There are three main options for watching the towers light up, each with its unique pros and cons:


  • Inside the tower during the limited evening tour
  • Somewhere in KLCC Park
  • The sky bar of the nearby Traders Hotel


Being inside during the evening tour allows you to explore the towers without the hustle and bustle of other tourists. It also gives you a unique view of the lights, but you’ll only be able to view the lights on one of the towers (the one opposite to the one you are currently in).

KLCC Park is a green space around 50 acres in size with great views of both towers and the opportunity to enjoy the Lake Symphony Fountain Shows. It is also one of the most popular areas to view the lighting up of the towers meaning it can be quite busy.

The scene of the Petronas Towers from the sky bar at Traders Hotel is magical but not perfect. It’s not an open-air bar, so you have to be lucky enough to get seats near the windows facing the towers as they light up.

If none of these options sounds appealing to you, you might be able to get a good view elsewhere close by. Look for places at a slightly higher elevation so you can fit the entirety of the towers in a single picture.


Final Thoughts on Petronas Towers Lighting Up

Light shows are a beautiful way to glamorize buildings like the Petronas Towers. The lights typically come on at dusk, which is close to 7 PM most nights, to illuminate the city in its warm glow throughout the whole year.

Although watching the towers lighting up is the main spectacle for most people, if you just want a view of the tower with its lights on, you can see them from plenty of places around Kuala Lumpur until midnight.


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