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Nova Scotia is often mentioned as a great place for foodies. But for those that haven’t explored the area, you may be wondering what they have that makes it such a popular destination. 

Nova Scotia is full of all sorts of delicious food. From rich, flavorful seafood like lobster and haddock to comfort food like Rappie pie and Donair. No matter what food you like or where you travel in Nova Scotia, you are sure to find something delicious. 

Keep reading below to learn more about Nova Scotia’s popular foods, the best cities to explore as a foodie, and why they have such unique menu items. 


What is the Most Popular Food in Nova Scotia?

Without a doubt, Nova Scotia’s most famous food has to be lobster. They pride themselves on lobster that is equal to, if not greater than, lobster from main. Pretty much anything can be made with this seafood’s flavor as well, even beer and ice cream. 

Year-round, they also offer packages for people to try being a lobster fisher and participate in lobster boils. It isn’t only their most popular food, but it is a deeply ingrained part of their culture. 

Another food item that locals often talk about is the Rappie Pie. This is a meal that is a mix of ground beef and shredded potatoes baked into a pie. It is savory and simple but delicious. This is their take on comfort food that people eat for any meal of the day. 

Donair is yet another one. Though this can be found throughout Canada, Nova Scotia actually fought to claim that the meal came about in their Provence and made it the official food of Halifax in 2015. 

The Donair is similar to a pita but uses beef, sweet garlic sauce, and vegetables. 

Did you know that Nova Scotia was named after Scotland? In fact, their name means New Scotland. If you did know this, then you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that oatcakes are another commodity heavily eaten by locals in Nova Scotia. 

Though they originated in Scotland, they are given their own twist here with various recipes and mixes from almost every bakery. 


Why is Nova Scotia a Popular Food Location?

There are a couple of reasons why Nova Scotia is a popular food location. The first is that it is right next to the coast. This allows for fresh seafood from the cold Atlantic Ocean. 

However, another reason why Nova Scotia is so popular for food is the fact that it has many cultural influences. Nova Scotia is located in Canada and has a heavy French influence. There is also a fair amount of American influence. 

This can lead to some interesting meal combinations and local food besides just lobster. 

When Should You Visit Nova Scotia to Try Local Food?

If you want to try lots of lobster, the best time to visit Nova Scotia is around July and August. This is peak lobster season.

This is generally also the best time to get your hands on blueberries from Nova Scotia. Usually near the end of July to the end of September. This is when you can eat lots of blueberries in desserts and pastries, but also when you can go and pick your own. 

Nova Scotia has a lot of U-Pick areas where you can pick as many blueberries as your heart desires. Most of their other foods aren’t seasonal, and you can go at any time of the year. 

However, their popular tourist season is around May to October, so these are usually the best times to visit if you want to participate in a lot of the touristy things like lobster-flavored drinks and desserts, berry picking, and even trying your hand at lobster fishing. 


Why Should You Try Nova Scotia’s Food?

Nova Scotia has many different and unique foods to try that you might not find anywhere else, such as Rappie Pie, Donairs, and even garlic fingers. 

Even for foods you can find in other places, like lobsters, you will find they taste much better in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia exports most of its lobster around the world, so if you’ve ever had excellent lobster somewhere, there is a good chance that it was from Canada. 

And imagine, if it was good after being shipped, how much better it tastes fresh right from the ocean?

For unique and delicious foods you can’t find anywhere else, you need to eat in Nova Scotia. Try some of the local delicacies, and you will soon understand why the food is well worth trying. 


Which Cities in Nova Scotia are Popular for Food Lovers?

Halifax is one of the best cities in Nova Scotia for food lovers. They have some of the oldest seafood markets in North America, bringing in fresh seafood. 

There are also markets for fresh fruits and vegetables, wines, and so much more. This is why Halifax is a great destination for any foodies wanting to travel. 

Another great city to visit is Lunenburg. This is another area packed with fresh seafood and fun places to eat, like an Old Fish Factory or a culinary adventure that lets you eat on the deck of an old schooner. 

Liverpool is yet another place to visit. It has quite a few restaurants along the beach for fantastic views. 

In fact, the whole area is full of gorgeous scenery, and if you want to take a little break from eating at restaurants, there are also plenty of areas where you could bring a picnic and enjoy the views. 

If you aren’t tired of lobster by that point, Yarmouth is full of cafes and lobster shacks that are full of fun foods like lobster bakes, haddock, and even creamed lobster. The area is also rich in history, so you can learn more about the history of fishing and farming in the area.


Final Thoughts on Most Popular Food Nova Scotia

If you like seafood or fresh fruits and vegetables, then Nova Scotia is the place for you. From fresh lobster to blueberries you can pick off of the bush yourself, you are sure to find something you enjoy. 

The mix of Scottish, French, Canadian, and American cultures have mixed here to create a unique blend of foods that you likely won’t find anywhere else. 


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