Ice Cave In Las Vegas – What to Know Before You Go

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Las Vegas Signage - Ice Cave In Las Vegas

Ice caves have become a popular attraction across the world, but they are especially welcoming in some of the hottest states in the US during the height of summertime.

Did you know that there are ice caves in Las Vegas? While there aren’t many of them, a few different ice bar caves are available throughout Las Vegas to help you escape the heat and have a unique experience.

Keep reading to learn more about ice caves in Las Vegas, Nevada, and just some of their selling points for tourists.


Is there still an Ice Cave in Vegas?

If you’re wondering whether or not the ice cave of Las Vegas’ ice bar is still open, the short answer is yes.

The 800-square-foot proof of concept ice bar at the Mandalay Bay over ten years ago started the craze out in the middle of the Mojave Desert. 

From there, the concept and technology have evolved into the 1,800-square-foot cave we know today, carving itself a niche in the nightlife of Las Vegas at the Linq Promenade.

So while the ice cave and bar at the Linq Promenade on the Las Vegas strip is the largest ice bar in the world, there are two other locations at the Shoppes at Mandalay Place and the Grand Canal Shoppes of the Venetian Hotel and Casino.


How much does it cost to go into the Ice Cave in Las Vegas?

The cost of entry to the cave of the ice bars is shared across all locations in Las Vegas because they are all managed by minus5, so it is generally recommended to visit the largest venue at the Linq promenade.

Kids can enter for as low as $13, but for adults, there are options of $24, $49, and $75, with various benefits building on each price tier below. 

For example, the lowest tier is known as the “Cool Experience,” which only gives you entry and rental of warm gloves and a parka.

The most popular option is the “Coolest Experience,” which costs $49 per person. The package includes everything from the “Cool Experience” as well as two cocktails served in ice glassware.

You could go up to the highest tier. Still, because there is no time limit associated with any of the prices, the “Coolest Experience” tends to be the most popular because you can buy additional drinks separately. 

Most people don’t seem to care for the souvenirs of the most expensive package.

The bar inside of the ice cave is fully equipped to make most drinks you can think of, even though the establishment typically specializes in vodka-based drinks. 

If you’re looking to buy individual drinks separate from your entry package, you’re looking at a $12 to $15 bill for each drink.

They’ll serve you drinks in a glass made of ice which is important to hold on to – if you lose or break it, they may not give you another, so your drinking escapades may be over before they can begin.

They may also warn you upon entry to think about what kinds of drinks you want as it will affect what ice glass you receive. 

If you think you’ll want a shot and a beer deal, make sure to get the beer glass so your shot can be poured in after you finish your beer (you can’t pour a whole beer into a shot glass).


How cold is inside of an Ice Cave in Vegas?

From the name “minus5 experience,” you might have guessed that the ice caves of the ice bars stay at a cool -5 degrees Celsius. This is the equivalent of 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

It sounds like a bone-chilling experience that may be too uncomfortable even for a brief visit, but because of the technology used to adjust and maintain the climate of the ice caves, there isn’t any wind or humidity to freeze you into a human popsicle.

If you opt for one of the packages that give you some alcoholic beverages or even if you purchase some separately, you probably won’t feel the effects of the cold for very long anyway!


What do you wear to the Ice Cave in Vegas?

Many people think they have to dress warmly to visit the ice cave and bar, which sounds like a nightmare for the all-too hot days of Las Vegas, but the truth is that you can wear whatever you like inside of the ice bars.

With the purchase of your entry tickets, you are also granted rental access to regularly dry-cleaned gloves, parkas, and faux fur coats, depending on the package you bought. 

These extra items of clothing should keep you warm enough to enjoy the cave and bar for however long you wish.


When does the Ice Cave open in Vegas?

Each of the three ice caves opens at 11 AM every day, with the only differences in hours being the closing times depending on the day and the location you decide to visit.

The Venetian location opens at 11 AM every day and closes at 11 PM each day as well.

The Mandalay Bay location is open from 11 AM to 12 AM Sundays to Thursdays. On Fridays and Saturdays of the weekend, they close a little later at 1:30 AM for the late-night party crowd.

The Linq Promenade is the biggest, so it must be the best, right? It has the same hours for Sunday through Thursday as the Mandalay Bay location but stays open an extra half hour on Fridays and Saturdays (until 2 AM).

It’s important to note that families with children seven years of age and older are only welcome until 9 PM at all locations, and a supervising adult must always accompany them.


Final Thoughts on Ice Cave in Las Vegas

Now you know about one more unique experience to have during your next stay in Las Vegas, whether you’re by yourself, with your company, or planning a private party like a bachelorette party. 

The ice caves of Las Vegas’ ice bars are full of handcrafted furniture and décor, all made from pure ice, just waiting to be experienced.


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