What’s Your Favorite Place To Travel?

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Even if you haven’t traveled much, domestically or internationally, everyone has someplace that they love more than anywhere else. This could be as small as a backyard garden or larger than some of the world’s greatest cities.

The reason for loving your favorite place is different for each person, but it typically revolves around having a high amount of sentimental value associated with your favorite place.

Keep reading to learn more about identifying your favorite place and how you compare to some of the most popular destinations.


How Do You Know Which Place is Your Favorite Place to Travel?

It should be easy to tell when you’ve found your favorite place. You should feel comfortable and happy to be there, a trip to your favorite place should be something you look forward to, and afterward, you should feel refreshed or reinvigorated even if leaving is bittersweet.

If you can’t think of a place that fits these conditions, that may simply mean that your favorite place doesn’t conform to our ideas of the perfect place. That’s okay and even normal since a favorite place is extremely subjective and personal.

If you’re still struggling to pick a favorite place, you may have multiple favorite places, or maybe you haven’t traveled enough to identify somewhere you like best.


What is the Nation’s Favorite Place to Travel in the USA?

The United States of America is a vast country with myriad climates and environments, from subtropical rainforests to some of the hottest deserts on the planet. This means there is something for every traveler out there, even domestic travelers going between states.

Like many other countries and nationalities, the nation’s favorite place to travel is sandy beach areas. But, for Americans, few places are better than the beaches and waves of Hawaii. Maui and Oahu are the two most popular islands in this state.

If sunbathing and surfing aren’t your cup of tea, gambling in Las Vegas is always a highly anticipated trip, and sightseeing in New York City consistently tops the list of must-do things in the U.S.


What Are The New Favorite Places to Travel in 2022?

Of course, there is a lot of the world to see and only so much time to visit it. According to Tripadvisor, the most popular places to visit in 2022 are:


  1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  2. London, England
  3. Cancún, Mexico
  4. Bali, Indonesia
  5. Crete, Greece
  6. Rome, Italy
  7. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  8. Istanbul, Turkey
  9. Paris, France
  10. Hurghada, Egypt


A lot of these places are steeped in history on top of having top-of-the-line dining, world-class accommodations, and exciting attractions for all ages. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that many of them also have agreeable climates and beaches either.


What Do You Need to Know About Traveling to Your Favorite Places?

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of visiting a new area or returning to your favorite place, but there are some things that you have to consider before you pack up your luggage.


  • Double-check entry requirements – in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, how we travel has changed, and some countries are still restricting access for foreigners based on their vaccination status
  • Obtain local currency before you arrive – even if you alert your bank about your travel plans, some countries or stores won’t do business with you if you’re trying to use credit or debit cards. It’s usually cheapest to exchange currencies at home before you travel
  • Mentally prepare yourself – traveling is a thrilling but simultaneously stressful time so take some time to prepare yourself. Your favorite place may have changed since you were last there, so try to keep an open mind as if it was your first visit all over again


These are just a few of many tips and ideas to keep in mind, and there are plenty of other things you will also need to consider.


What Should You Do if Your Favorite Place to Travel Has Changed?

Sadly, no matter how much we may want places and things to stay, they are often subject to change. 

Economic downturns, innovation, and fluctuations in an area’s popularity are all ways that can morph your favorite place into something that may be unrecognizable to you. It’s no one person’s fault that these effects are constantly ongoing and out of your control. 

You really only have two options for when your favorite place has changed as a result:


  • You can embrace and enjoy the new changes, or
  • You can constantly compare your favorite place to how it used to be and potentially make yourself miserable


Change is scary, but it’s something that we have to accept. Otherwise, it may be time to find a new favorite place.


Final Thoughts on Favorite Places to Travel 

Your favorite place is something that only you can identify. For example, even though many people look forward to lounging on the coast of somewhere beautiful and picturesque, you may prefer camping in the mountains.

Don’t be afraid to forge your favorite places instead of following the current trends and most popular tourist destinations.


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