Why You Shouldn’t Travel In Your 20s

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You’ve probably read a lot of articles about why traveling in your twenties is a good idea, but let’s look at some of the other sides and why it may be a good idea to wait until you are a bit older.

Most of it has to do with mindset. We are young and immature in our twenties and don’t understand how to enjoy traveling or going off of the beaten path. Even if we travel, we tend to only go to tourist traps and not explore.

We also lose a lot of chances to build up our careers and stable life for the future. So while you shouldn’t let this article stop you from traveling at a young age, continue reading to really understand both sides before making your decision.


Is it worth Traveling in your 20s?

It is hard to decide. Many people will tell you not to travel in your twenties. But the reason why may surprise you. It isn’t necessarily just because you need to have a stable life first or focus on your career.

Instead, it is more about your mentality. When you are raised to find a job and build a family, you don’t know what you are missing out on. But once you travel, it is hard to fit back into that role, as you now know there is more than just your job and family.

So many say not to travel until after your twenties, or you may struggle to find a stable place later on. However, this is also the age where most people don’t have responsibilities, or at least not a lot of them, so it is the most understandable time to go.


What Age is the Best Age to Travel?

Most people find traveling when they are in their thirties or forties best. This is because you are not quite so impressionable at that point, and you can see more of the world through your own eyes instead of letting it change you.

Additionally, at this point, many people are more stable in their lives and find it easier to take time off to vacation while still having a job to return to.

However, there is a lot of debate on when you should travel. Usually, by your thirties, you have a spouse and maybe even a family to take care of, which can make it harder to travel as much as you would like.

So you can then travel after your children leave, and you have the home to just you and your spouse again. However, others argue to see the world before settling down and having children, in case you miss the opportunity.


How Can Traveling Abroad In Your 20s Ruin You

Many people say that traveling abroad in your twenties can ruin you. But why is this? Studies say that people in their twenties are still very impressionable. You start to change as you travel, and things aren’t the same when you return home.

People lose satisfaction with life after they travel. They’re no longer happy with the traditional work-life balance and struggle to hold onto jobs. As a result, they may spend all their money on seeing new parts of the world instead of saving it.

Additionally, many people feel lonely after traveling. Though you have learned all of these new things and seen the world, you are the only one. None of your friends or family members understand how you’ve changed just by traveling or why, and many don’t care.


Five Reasons Why You Should Avoid Traveling in Your 20s

Here are the five main reasons people say you shouldn’t travel until after your twenties.


  1. You can’t appreciate everything you see. We see it online all the time. Young students, teenagers, or people in their twenties tend to destroy things because they are unable to understand them and their importance in history. You may even overlook things happening in history at that moment or stay too focused on things like restaurants and drinking over learning.
  2. Finding yourself won’t happen with a plane ticket. A lot of people travel to try and learn more about themselves. However, until you are around 25 or even 30, your body, hormones, and brain are constantly changing. You can’t learn about yourself and who you are until your hormones calm down and your body stabilizes. 
  3. You miss out on other important timelines. Most people start to find their spouse and settle down into a domestic lifestyle in their twenties. If you are too busy traveling around, you will watch everyone around you getting married and having children while you are still alone.
  4. It’s hard to find a job. Getting a job depends a lot on your previous job history and a college degree. By taking a couple of years off to travel, you have a large gap in your employment history that many people won’t like when you try to search for jobs.
  5. You are putting yourself before others. When we are young, we have to work and continue the population. Only once we get stable jobs and have good income should we travel. Traveling in your twenties puts you before others who have worked hard and waited their turn.


Why Shouldn’t You Wait Until You Are Old to Travel?

Of course, these are all just opinions, and you will find that as many people tell you to travel when you are young as people tell you not to.

You have fewer responsibilities at this time and can easily take time off to explore. It also helps you to understand the world and put your problem more into perspective by traveling at a young age.

Finally, there are no commitments. Many people find themselves unable to travel as they’d always dreamed of because they waited too late and were too old or sick or were taking care of children.

Ultimately, when you decide to travel is up to you. Just remember to always be respectful of people and cultures and keep an open mind.


Final Thoughts on Why You Shouldn’t Travel In Your 20s

Everyone should travel at some point in their lives. It allows you to understand and see the world better. You can also understand other cultures, your country, and your place in the world better.

People will always tell you when you should and shouldn’t travel, and a lot of the information often gets mixed up. However, as long as you don’t do anything to jeopardize your future, there is no harm in traveling whenever you’d like.

As long as you are willing to keep an open mind and learn from your travels, you can explore at any age.