Why Not Rent A Car Madeira?

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There are several reasons that might deter you from renting a car in Madeira. However, the main reason currently stopping most people is the skyrocketing prices of rental vehicles. 

Rental prices since the beginning of the pandemic have become overwhelming for most people looking to travel to Madeira. The other reason is that it is not a logical option for some people due to the price, driving capabilities, and where they plan to travel. 

Many people have begun to try to explore other options when it comes to traveling while in Madeira as well as why they should not rent a car, to begin with. Keep reading to find out the best travel option for you while you are in Madeira and why. 


Will Rental Car Prices go down?

Rental prices for cars in Madeira will likely not go down any time in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, rental prices for cars in Madeira have more than doubled in the last two years. This is due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19.

The pandemic has caused many tourist places to lose revenue and thus have an economic crash. The crash caused people to lose jobs en masse due to a lack of demand. Since the end of quarantine and the increase in vaccinations, travel has begun again.

The issue is people have not been rehired yet, and demand is higher than ever. The high prices are to compensate for the lack of labor and revenue over the past couple of years, taking advantage of the increase in demand. 

So, you should not expect prices to go down anytime soon as long as the demand stays high. 


Is driving in Madeira Difficult?

Driving in Madeira is actually quite easy – Madeira is known for the great condition of its roads and motorways. They maintain their roads well, especially in the city’s center.

Madeira is also renowned for its easy navigation, and its simplistic traffic rules make directions easy to follow, even for foreigners. However, issues arise when you try to drive on mountain roads.

Often it can be difficult to drive up the steep and winding roads. This is often why it is recommended for people unfamiliar with the area to either get a driver or rent an automatic car and drive slowly. 

Does it Make Sense to Rent a Car there?

Renting a car does make sense for most people when going to Madeira. Having a personal mode of transport makes getting around the city easier and more efficient. In addition, you can plan your trip however you want without having to rely on other transportation.

As discussed, Madeira also has great road systems and navigation, making it easy to figure out. The issue lies in the cost. Prices for rental cars are at an all-time high, making it a question of whether it is worth it for the trip you have in mind.

It depends on how much you plan to travel around Madeira and what you plan to see. It could be more cost-effective to take public transportation or use some other method. Check your costs before committing. 


Do you need a car in Madeira?

You do not need a car in Madeira. While driving around yourself and not having to worry about time constraints is nice, it is not necessary. Madeira has an excellent public transportation system, specifically an amazing bus system. 

Even for areas not as accessible by public transportation, there are many options for private transportation in Madeira. This includes private tours of the city you can also invest in. 

Try looking at and researching different coach tours of the city for different options if public transportation is not what you are looking for. 


Is there an Uber in Madeira?

Yes, there is an Uber in Madeira. Right before the pandemic began, Uber started offering its services in Madeira. It is still up and running today. However, it is often recommended to use taxis instead of Uber for several reasons. 

One of the main reasons is that taxis are overall often cheaper than Uber. The other reason is that Uber underpays and treats its workers much worse than taxi companies in Madeira. 

Taxi drivers are a cheaper and more ethical route to go in Madeira when looking for private transportation. Another option in Madeira that is also cheaper and more ethical is Bolt.

Bolt is a better alternative to Uber essentially and was established well before Uber began in Madeira. It is much more reputable and highly recommended. 


Final Thoughts on  Why Shouldn’t You Rent A Car Madeira

Traveling while in Madeira can be a daunting task. Many people are afraid of driving to new places and what it will be like. Fortunately, the only thing that should deter you from renting a car is the price. Madeira has safe roads and is often easy to navigate if you take it slowly. 

If renting a car is not an option for you due to price or other reasons, many avenues are still available. This includes public transportation, tours, and private drivers like taxis or systems like Uber. 

The best way to figure out what is right for you is to plan your budget, do your research, and decide what would make you the most comfortable. Your trip to Madeira should be relaxing and enjoyable.