Why Are There No Dolphins In Aruba?

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A big cruise ship in Aruba - Why Are There No Dolphins here?

Dolphins are in abundance in Aruba. The issue is knowing where to look and how. Most people go about seeing dolphins in other countries often through aquariums. 

These aquariums often force dolphins into captivity, using them for the pleasure of others. Aruba cares for its dolphin population and does not allow these creatures to be held captive. This does, however, mean tourists have to try a little harder to view these creatures in a respectful manner.

Keep reading to find out how and where you can see dolphins in Aruba. 


Are there any Aquariums in Aruba?

No, there are currently no aquariums in Aruba. There are some animal rescues but no aquariums. However, there is an aquarium on Aruba’s sister island, Curacao. The one in Curacao is also a sea aquarium that allows you to interact closely with the creatures. 

There are no aquariums or anything similar due to pushback from residents. Residents of Aruba are fighting to free sea creatures back to their natural habitat. 

At the very least, they are pushing for them to be moved to rescues rather than being used for entertainment in abusive environments. 


Can You Spot Dolphins Around Aruba?

Yes, you can spot dolphins around Aruba. However, it can be difficult. Dolphins around Aruba often swim farther from the shoreline, making them harder to spot from land. 

Dolphins in the Aruba area will sometimes venture into shallow water closer to shore, but it is uncommon. However, dolphins cannot dive very deep, so they do often hang out in more shallow water. 

However, they generally avoid the shoreline, so they do not get stuck and avoid people. Unfortunately, this can make them difficult to see from Aruba itself. However, there are other options to see dolphins in the Aruba area. 


Is it Common to Spot it?

It is common to spot dolphins around Aruba. Most dolphins are from the area around Aruba, so they often stay close by. This makes them easier to spot. Snorkelers are the most likely to spot dolphins as they like to hang out in shallow waters further from shore. 

You can take a boat out into the open water and wait for the dolphins to breach the surface. Dolphins cannot breathe underwater, so they come up for air often, making them easy to see when you are out on a boat.

To swim with the dolphins and see them up close, you can get snorkeling, diving, or other types of swimming lessons to get certified. 


Are there any Dolphins Native to the Aruba Area?

Several species are native to the Aruba area. Dolphins are native to the Caribbean Sea, which surrounds Aruba. At least 35 different species of dolphins can be spotted around the Caribbean Sea.

The most common ones you can see in Aruba include the spotted Atlantic dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin.

Some other common dolphins you can spot around Aruba include the spinner dolphin and the false killer whale, which both follow closely in the number of sightings in the South Caribbean. 


When Are You Most Likely to Spot Dolphins?

Spotting dolphins isn’t always guaranteed when visiting Aruba, but some times are better than others if that is the trip’s main goal.

Dolphins are more active during the day, which is the easiest time to see them, thanks to plentiful sunlight in the South Caribbean. This is because dolphins need light to see while they hunt food and for social activities like playing.

Most accounts recommend May, June, and July as the months when dolphins are most frequently seen, especially in the morning to mid-afternoon (think 10 am to 2 pm).

As for places where you are most likely to spot dolphins, try the northwest beaches like Malmok Beach, Boca Catalina, and Arashi Beach for your best chances.


Final Thoughts on  Why Are There No Dolphins In Aruba

Dolphins often seem like they may be impossible to find in Aruba because they lack an aquarium where they are specifically housed. However, even though this may seem like a hassle for a tourist, in reality, it is much better for the animals. 

The dolphins get to roam free and live their lives. They get to choose how and when they interact with people. It is even advantageous for tourists because they get to experience dolphins in their natural state: happy and free.

If you want to see dolphins in Aruba, check out their popular spots and try to witness them in their natural habitat.