Which Is The Best Canal Tour In Amsterdam

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Small boats on a canal - Which Is The Best Canal Tour In Amsterdam?

Canal tours are a huge part of Amsterdam. They are a great way to attract tourists, talk about the history of the city, and even just be used as a public transportation service. However, it can be difficult to decide which tour is best with so many. 

Thankfully, other people and tourists have decided for you. By far, the best tour is considered to be Amsterdam Open Boat Canal Cruise. The tour is informative, intimate, and full of cheese and wine, and the tour guides are kind and knowledgeable. 

However, while that may be considered the best tour, that doesn’t mean the others are bad. There are tours out there for more personal groups, bigger parties, more education, and even nice dinners. 


Which One Lasts the Longest?

The longest canal tours in Amsterdam usually last about an hour and a half. Others are as short as an hour. No matter which one you choose, you will be able to cover most of the canals in Amsterdam. 

The main difference between the lengths is that with longer ones, you get the chance to hop off and explore some of the nearby stores and historical landmarks. 

They offer dinner cruises if you want a more unique and even longer cruise. These usually last about three hours, and you get a three or four-course meal as well. You don’t usually get to hop off, but you can still see everything and enjoy a meal at the same time. 


Which Canal Tour is the Cheapest?

The Blue Boat Company often hosts the cheapest tours. Their tours are about $12 for a 75-minute tour. But, of course, you also still get an audio tour. 

If you purchase the I Amsterdam Card, the tour is even included in the purchase. You can get the tickets either online on their website or at the boat docks. 

These tours are hop-on and hop-off as well. The tours themselves are called City Canal Cruise. Despite the cheaper cost, the tour is still quality and takes you through most of the city. 

Most other tours aren’t very expensive, though, costing about $15 to $20, and there are discounts for purchasing online in advance or with the day pass or I Amsterdam card. 


What Types of Canal Tours are there?

There are the hop-on, hop-off cruises. These can be used as guided tours or as a sort of bus to get through the city easily. There are 14 bus stops throughout the city. 

If you get a bus pass for the day, you can hop on and off as many as you want throughout the day to get anywhere in the city. 

There are also candle-lit tours, adventures that allow for children, dinner groups, and simple guided tours without hop-on hop-off services. 

If you want a more intimate tour, you can look at purchasing a tour from a smaller boat. This is good for smaller groups that want a tour of the city. 


Which One is the Most Popular?

There is a canal tour in Amsterdam that comes with unlimited wine and cheese. According to Tripadvisor, it is by far the most popular tour in Amsterdam. The tour had over 9,500 five-star reviews out of a total of 9,998 total reviews. 

This tour is known as the Amsterdam Open Boat Canal Cruise with the Flagship Amsterdam company. You ride around on an electric saloon boat and usually only ride with around thirty or so people. 

The ride lasts an hour, and they tell you about all the best local areas. You will also pass some of the most famous landmarks, including Jordaan and Rijksmuseum. 

You get Dutch cheese, unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks to accompany you on your educated and beautiful tour. The tour itself is only about $21 a person. 


Tour Canals for Those Who Want to Avoid the Crowd

The best way to avoid big groups is to look at smaller boats to take tours on. Then, instead of holding hundreds of people per boat, you can expect to have thirty people or even fewer. 

Look specifically for tours promoting small-group canal cruises for the best results. Some of these are even historical boats, so you get to ride around in a piece of history while touring the city. Sometimes, even locals will ride you around on their boats for cheap. 

The boats are already perfect ways to avoid the crowds on land, especially with the hop-on hop-off tours you can use as transportation around the city. So instead of fighting to walk through the city, you just relax on a boat. 


Final Thoughts on Which Is The Best Canal Tour In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city with 90 islands and 1500 bridges. While you can walk around thanks to these bridges, why not just take a boat? Whether you just want to travel around on a boat or take a canal cruise and learn about the history, you have options. 

You can get a daily pass and ride around on the hop-on and hop-off boats or take a tour full of wine, cheese, and history. Don’t miss the chance to check out the city with a boat tour while you are there.