Where to Vacation in Hawaii to a Family?

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A beach with people and coconut trees on it - Where to Vacation in Hawaii to a Family?

A special island chain formed from years of lava flows and other natural landmass-building processes is out in the Pacific Ocean. The most prominent will be the Hawaii islands, which harbor some of the most pleasant climates and environments found on the planet.

If you are considering taking the family, the main island and Maui will be solid places to start, and it will be after a few stays, you will learn about the smaller islands along the island chain.

Consider starting with Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa, which will spark your children’s imagination and allow them to meet their favorite movie characters.


Which Activities are Good for the Kids?

There is so much to experience when staying within the string of Hawaii’s island chain, foremost might as well be surfing.

The sport of surfing has been a form of entertainment and travel from ancient Hawaii’s earliest stories, which would make this the perfect place to teach the kids how to ride the ocean swells.

You can visit the historical places, including the homelands of the local tribes, along with the memorials to those lost during the conflicts of WWII at Pearl Harbor.

But then you must consider Magic island and the underwater and water sports activities to go along with the on-island entertainment.


What Can the Adults do?

For the adults, there will be many unique national parks to explore, including climbing the active volcanoes at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, finding a waterfall in the tropical forests, or exploring the underwater jungles under the island chain itself.

This could be the right time to plan an evening dining experience that could rekindle romantic feelings and create a loving memory to help remind each other through the hard times.

You could take a ride along the beach as the sun goes down, tethering the horses at the barn before having a pineapple BBQ with the person you love most.


Fun Activities You can do Together

Hawaii is known for the outdoor activities and natural beauty of the islands themselves, but also the waters surrounding the chain.

You can take a scuba trip to see the corals and underwater environments or learn about the cultural roots with a visit to one of the local tribal restaurants, catch a show, and possibly drop in by Jack Johnson, who is known to walk about the islands.

The most memorable activity might just be catching a sunrise from the volcanic slopes of Mount Kilauea, be sure to pack a jacket and a nice warm drink when taking in the fabulous skyline and beauty of Hawaii.


What is the Best Area to Go to?

There is no one best spot in the Hawaii islands. Each island has a unique landscape and provides a new experience for each visit.

Of course, you can visit Honolulu, which houses the state-only Interstate roadways and holds many urban luxuries such as resorts and shopping outlets, but it also will be the easiest place to get acclimated to the island’s culture and climate.

Notable National parks and places will include:


  • Mount Kilauea – The active, continuously erupting volcano is a must-visit when vacationing in Hawaii, with or without the kiddos.
  • Kaloko- Honokōhau National Historical Park
  • Pu’uhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park
  • Pu’ukoholā Heiau National Historic Site
  • Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail


For How Long Should You Stay?

There are going to be different ways to approach visiting the Hawaiian islands. Let us examine the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trip most of us plan. This will need a week, easily, to experience the volcanoes and take in all the various island experiences offered.

A full five days will give the family a chance to plan out surfing lessons, with coconut and pineapple picking to finish the day.

Then have a whale watching charter to take your breath away, along with taking in one of the native’s traditions, Hula dances and other cultural performances.

Or, if you have the budget, you can plan weekend escape trips, each with a single day’s worth of activities allowing for enough time to escape and enjoy the tropical island paradises of Hawaii’s islands.


Final Thoughts on Where to Vacation in Hawaii to a Family

Hawaii is a dream vacation, a perfect honeymoon destination, but also an opportunity to educate yourself and your family about the island’s geographical history, the people’s culture and historical ways, and the events that occurred during the second world war.

You can also learn about astrology by visiting one of the telescopes stationed there. This island chain has everything you would want from a tropical oasis in the Pacific Ocean.

Just a note, temperatures hang around in the upper seventies and lower eighties all year. The wet seasons begin in October and end in March.