Where to Stay on a Family Vacation in Washington DC?

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People in front of the Washington Monument - Where to Stay on a Family Vacation in Washington DC?

When visiting the United States capitol with the family, there will be many historically significant places to visit, museums to explore, not to mention the White House and other Federal buildings.

Regarding picking places to stay, the District of Columbia will have an excellent selection of entertainment-based hotels and resorts.

Arguably the best place for a family, in the city limits itself, would be The Darcy, which delivers a kiddos package that will keep the kids engaged and learning about the nation’s capital in a fun and safe way.


What is the Safest area to stay in Washington DC?

The best way to answer this question is to provide an understanding of where to go but also where not to go. Below is a list of five neighborhoods in Washington DC to avoid, followed by five of the safest neighborhoods:

Places to avoid:


  • Washington Highlands/Bellevue (South-East)
  • Historic Anacostia (South-East)
  • Deanwood Metro Station (North-East)
  • Ivy City, Trinidad, Carver Langston (North-East)
  • Columbia Heights/Mount Pleasant and Park view (North-West)


Safer Neighborhoods:


  • Glover Park
  • Barnaby Woods
  • The Palisades
  • Cleveland Park
  • Woodley Village


Each city will have its bad neighborhoods, and it will be up to you to navigate the city and keep the family safe.


What are the Best Family Hotels in Washington, DC?

Conveniently enough, Washington, DC, provides many of the safest and family-friendly accommodations on its government page.

We will discuss a pair of hotels, starting with the Omni Shoreham Hotel in the Woodley Park neighborhood, that puts the family within striking distance of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Rock Creek Park.

Riggs Washington is in the heart of the city and places the family within walking distance of the National Mall, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, and much of the downtown entertainment the nation’s capital has to offer.


When is the Best Time to Book a Family Vacation in DC?

This will depend on the family, where they are in the country, and what everyone is into. For example, a family aware of politics is passionate about history and will want to visit around January to catch the President’s State of the Union Address.

There is not much in the way of winter entertainment unless you are a Hockey fan, and today’s Washington Capitals feature a Hall of Fame talent, Alexander Ovechkin.

The reason to visit in winter is that there will be fewer tourists, allowing for an almost intimate experience in the nation’s capital.


How Many Days Should a Family Spend in Washington?

There is going to be a need for at least a solid weekend for the family to see most of the major historical structures and government buildings and catch either a game at the Capital One Arena or a day at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

The only issues are that this will not allow sufficient time to enjoy the monuments’ history, leisurely read the plaques, and understand how the United States has been maturing as a country.

This will mean the family will need to plan multiple visits or have a week-long stay to truly get a feel for the Nation’s Capital and the history that has taken place there.


Areas you Should Avoid

As mentioned earlier, there will be neighborhoods to avoid at all costs. In any city, there will be a criminal element and gang activity, and within the list provided above are neighborhoods to remember to stay out of, especially at night.

Just as a reminder, Brent would be a smart place to stay out of. In a recorded year, there were nearly two thousand violent crimes, but that is nothing compared to the seventy-five hundred burglaries, grand theft auto, and petty theft.

Columbia Heights is well known for its gang and drug-related crimes but also for having regular shootings and property crimes and is another place to give a wide berth.


Final Thoughts on Where to Stay with Family when on Vacation in Washington DC

When visiting the capital, know where you are and where it is safe to walk. Staying within the city’s downtown areas, utilizing the resort resources to navigate, and avoiding any nighttime activity will ensure a safe trip to Washington, DC.

The main attraction of the nation’s capital is the monuments, the places where United States Heroes gave immortal speeches that changed people, and the buildings that hosted historical figures worldwide.

If done right, a family can take in the stunning zoo and museums, check out the libraries and monuments, and have a completed treasure hunt with the kids if enough time is allotted.