Where To Stay On A Family Vacation in In Destin, Florida?

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A beach with umbrellas and people - Where To Stay On A Family Vacation in In Destin, Florida?

The luckiest fishing village in the world, Destin is going to be a place to take the family to enjoy emerald ocean waters, some of the best fishing and weather in the world, on white shoreline beaches.

Regarding finding accommodations for the family, there are a few spots of note to consider for your next vacation destination.

For example, for those families that like to be active and in the middle of things, the Destin Hampton Inn and Suites is a premium combination of comfort, fun, and kid-friendly for a place to stay but is close to attractions like the Big Kahuna’s Water Park.


Is Destin, Florida, a good place for a Family Vacation?

Few places in the world offer the unique package Destin does in Florida; their white sandy beaches give way to beautiful emerald green waters, which can be enjoyed while taking in the sunrise, or sunset.

This is an awesome place to take your family, especially with members who like to fish and enjoy the beach.

There are a variety of charters to lease that offer fishing and sightseeing, to which the young minds can be blown by the appearance of a pirate ship, shark, dolphin, or other marine life.


What is the Safest Area?

Destin has been given an above-the-United States average for violent crime and for property crime scoring twenty-five-point-two while the average is twenty-two-point-seven for the first and fifty-point-three while the average is thirty-five-point-four for the latter.

Moreover, the folks that live there say that the safest part is in the central portions of the city, while data says the neighborhoods of Regatta, Emerald Bay Dunes of Destin Kell-Aire Gardens, and Town Center Destin North.

Overall this is a safe place to visit with the family; just avoiding the evening hours and sticking to daytime activities will help avoid most of the city’s criminal elements.


When Should You Plan a Family Vacation?

There will be two trains of thought on this, those looking to visit when the college spring vacation crowd is there will want to visit during the late spring and summer.

The pricing will require you to plan ahead if a good price is an important element; otherwise, it will cost you a metaphorical arm and leg.

Families looking for a bonding vacation will want to look for low-crowd times, such as in the winter, especially January, to escape the colder weather of the northern portions of the country.


Top five Family Hotels in Destin, Florida

The reason for taking the time and money to visit the small city of Destin would be the white beaches, emerald waters, warm weather, and fishing, amongst other reasons.

When selecting a place to stay in Destin, those will want the best resort experience, while others will want to stay cheap and spend the budgeted money on the charters and other attractions this Florida city offers.

These five vacation accommodations will provide a family-friendly stay with enough all-age entertainment to appease every member:


  • Hampton Inn and Suites, Destin
  • The Henderson Beach Resort and Spa
  • Henderson Park Inn
  • Beach House by Vacasa
  • Courtyard by Marriott Sandestin at Grand Boulevard


Which Areas do you Need to Avoid?

There will be about six different area neighborhoods to think about in Destin, Florida. You would avoid the Spring Lake / Destin Harbor area west of the main street and the Destin Executive Airport, which is easily the most dangerous.

There is also a harbor in the area, with all of the trafficking and other sea-worthy illegal activities to be found; this would be the section of Florida to avoid in the nighttime hours.

The best practice is to stay on the resort beaches, and the criminal index rating is thirty, where a score of one hundred is the safest.


Final Thoughts on Where to stay in Destin, Florida on Family Vacation

There will be many reasons to visit the resorts at Destin, but there will be a need for a sense of caution when enjoying the nightlife. The white beaches, emerald-green waters, and otherworldly fishing experiences draw folks from around the globe.

The family will be safe if you stay in the resort areas and listen to the charters when you arrive at the harbor. Destin will be a memory-making vacation, possibly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, that everyone can talk about and reminisce about at an older age.