Where To Stay In Los Angeles For A Family Vacation?

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A road in a big city - Where To Stay In Los Angeles For A Family Vacation?

The city of Angels is situated in Southern California, within reach of the ocean and the famed Long Beach.

Therefore, it would be naive not to warn a traveler of the dangers of some regions of the concrete jungle, especially concerning the mass shootings that took place in January 2023.

However, there are family-friendly places to visit in Los Angeles that are far away from those neighborhoods.

Amusement parks like Disneyland, Legoland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Universal studios lead the family entertainment destinations, but do not forget about Chinatown, Hollywood, or simply enjoying the beach and ocean recreation in the Pacific Ocean.


Is Los Angeles a Good Choice for a Family Vacation?

This city is not the safest, there is going to be a risk of violence if you wander aimlessly within LA, but there will be resort options that can keep your family in the park boundaries and out of harm’s way.

Being a perfect example, Disneyland Resort will provide room and board within the family vacation options available for purchase and plenty of entertainment options to keep all members happy and enjoying their time.

The city of LA could be a better place for vacation, but if you can secure packages to the Amusement park resorts, you can escape to the magical city of angels to which a family vacation is perfect.


Which Area is Best to Stay in LA as a Tourist Family?

Many will tell you to stay in Hollywood, or Venice Beach, to get the best experience of Los Angeles outside the amusement parks.

These neighborhoods are easily the fun choice and more exciting option for singles or couples; yes, the memories of seeing Hollywood will stay with the kids as a stop on a day trip.

Santa Monica is the best place to stay for a family in the Los Angeles area; this resort town will allow a family to escape the hustle and bustle of the LA streets and highways and get a big Hollywood film taste with Lionsgate films calling this city home.


What Activities Can You Do in LA?

The wonderful thing about this southern California city is the variety of activities available, including hiking to the Hollywood sign and surfing the Pacific coast waves. Here is a list of 3 simple activities to take the family on in the Los Angeles area:


  • Visit and walk Hollywood Boulevard – Just walking amongst the handprints and names of famous movie stars will be a memory-making moment.
  • Taste the freshest seafood – Take the family to a seafood restaurant; some of the freshest dishes can be prepared from fish caught that day.
  • Take in the Film Studio tours – You’re in the land of filmmaking; visiting the studios and seeing the set builds can be just the inspiration a child needs.


How Many Days is Enough for Los Angeles?

You will need more than one week-long stay to cover everything in this large city, but multiple stays cover all the entertainment and cultural elements LA has to offer.

A weekend at the amusement resorts will be at least a visit each, and these places might require more than one visit to complete all the checklist activities.

Plus, the family must take a week of time to visit Hollywood and the film industry cultural activities, possibly take in a professional sports team game, not to mention the time to complete the ocean’s recreation.

There might be a need for a month’s worth of vacation days to take in all that family-friendly entertainment the city offers.


What is the Best Month to be in LA?

There is going to be a friendly debate about when to visit LA, and the thing is that the weather stays consistently in enjoyable ranges and hard freezes.

That being said, colder region families that enjoy seventy to eighty-degree Summer highs might want to visit LA in the winter, taking advantage of the nice weather and the thinned crowds compared to Summer, Spring break times of the year.

Others will want to be there when the crowds are, and this will be during Baseball season, which will allow for a morning out on the beach followed by an afternoon Dodgers game, to conclude with a family meal at a local seafood establishment.


Final Thoughts on Where to stay in Los Angeles for a Family Vacation

There are going to be many reasons to avoid the concrete jungle of LA, but if you can navigate those asphalt waves and enjoy the sunnier side of the city of angels, there will be plenty of family-friendly activities and entertainment options to make everyone happy.