Where To Eat In Rovaniemi?

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While it might be more famous for being the official home of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi (located in the Finnish province of Lapland) is home to a delectable dining scene thanks to a budding interest in the area and local cuisine.

Rovaniemi has something to offer, no matter what flavor you are looking for. From the Asian sushi at Himo to Nest’s delightfully rustic interior and fresh flavors, you won’t be disappointed by your options.

Keep reading to learn more about traditional Lappish foods, some of the most popular places to eat, and more.


What are the Most Popular Spots?

According to the TripAdvisor website, the top ten restaurants in Rovaniemi are:


  1. Santa’s Salmon Place
  2. Ravintola Roka – Street Bistro
  3. Cafe & Bar 21
  4. Yuca
  5. Kauppayhtiö
  6. Restaurant HIMO
  7. Monte Rosa
  8. Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi
  9. Restaurant Nili
  10. Bull Bar and Grill


These places technically have the highest ratings among all the listed restaurants in and around Rovaniemi. However, keep in mind that some have a relatively low number of reviews, which can skew the rating in their favor.

These are also places that locals and tourists alike rave about, but their tastes may not necessarily match up with yours.


What’s There to Eat in the City Centre?

Being in the city center is one of the best places to be because you have access to many historical and cultural sites as well as being a place of commerce with easy transportation. That leaves the question of where you can eat when everything else is so close.

Luckily, two of the top ten restaurants previously listed above are located in the center of Rovaniemi – Cafe & Bar 21 and Yuca.

The first offers somewhat light but unique dishes like sweet and salty waffles or hearty salads. Don’t forget that they have some of the best cocktails in the area!

Yuca is conveniently close to Cafe & Bar 21 and is actually owned by the same people. The focus is on Mexican dishes.

If you’re looking for something fresh that changes almost daily, the Korundi Kitchen & Cafe might suit your palate.


Traditional Restaurants You Need to Visit

Traditional restaurants in the area aren’t hard to come by, and almost all of them have sumptuous selections to tempt you through their doors. Some, however, stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi ranks within the city’s top ten restaurants (for a good reason) and is owned by the local Körkkö family.

The traditional Lappish hut has a stunning atmosphere that seamlessly complements traditional dishes like flamed salmon and reindeer meats.

If you still want traditional Nordic foods in a stylish atmosphere, Restaurant Bord may pique your interest. They offer more dishes than just local Lappish foods but stay true to their Scandinavian roots.


Local Food You Need to Try

Lapland and Rovaniemi, in particular, are proud of their reindeer husbandry heritage. The reindeer are a wonderful source of unique experiences like sleigh rides and as part of things like petting zoos, but they are also vital for many local Lappish foods.

Various reindeer cuts can be found in almost every dish involving meat, but fresh fish like salmon and arctic char are also high on the list for many people who visit the area.

Desserts and simple snacks often involve various berries like lingonberries or cloudberries, the latter of which is especially famous in Lapland.


Top 5 Restaurants in Rovaniemi

We’ve already looked at the top ten restaurants in Rovaniemi, but we will list the top five again here:


  1. Santa’s Salmon Place
  2. Ravintola Roka – Street Bistro
  3. Cafe & Bar 21
  4. Yuca
  5. Kauppayhtiö


Two of the top five (Cafe & Bar 21 and Yuca) are owned by the same people, so that tells you they really know what they are doing with their food.

For a memorable visit and experience, going to Santa Claus Village in the Arctic Circle is a must for all tourists. While you’re there, you can sit on the delicious foods at Santa’s Salmon Place.


Final Thoughts on Where To Eat In Rovaniemi

Suppose you’re looking at Rovaniemi as a vacation destination. In that case, chances are you’re already looking for the experience of a lifetime that you just can’t find without going off the beaten path.

Thankfully, Rovaniemi lives up to those expectations and more with amazing culinary opportunities that many other places can’t even hope to replicate.

Whether it’s local and traditional foods or just delightful reimaginings of family favorites, meat, potatoes, fish, and salads, there is something for everyone to dig into during a visit to the area.