Where Is David Statue in Uffizi?

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David Statue - Where Is it in Uffizi?

The Statue of David by Michelangelo is a piece of art no art lover wants to miss. If you are taking a trip to Florence, Italy, it is well worth visiting the museum to see it.

However, there is often some confusion about its location. For example, the Statue of David is actually not located in Uffizi, but it is in the Accademia Gallery.

While the galleries are close together, if you only have time to visit one, it is important to pick the right one, or you may be disappointed.


How Do You Get to Florence?

There are different ways to get to Florence, depending on where you are from. However, the best way to get there is to fly to either Florence or Pisa International Airport.

Despite the names, both of these are located in or near Tuscany, so you will still have to travel a little to get to Florence. However, you can take a train, taxi, rental car, or even the airport transfer service from Pisa International Airport.

You are looking at about 62 miles (100 kilometers) from the Pisa airport. That means for a taxi, and you are looking at US$170. For a one-way trip on a train, it is US$9.70, or US$164.40 for the transfer service via the airport.

Despite the higher cost, many people recommend the airport transfer service. This is because it allows you to avoid being swindled, over-charged, or dealing with a language barrier.

The Florence Airport is a lot closer to the city than Pisa, only a little over six miles (10 kilometers). So while you could potentially walk to the center of Florence from the airport, it is easier to find a ride when carrying all of your luggage.

Like Pisa Airport, there is a bus, taxi, rental cars, and a transfer service. A taxi will cost you anywhere between US$22 to US$26, depending on the time, plus an additional dollar for every suitcase you have.

As for the bus, it runs from the airport to the center of Florence every thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the time. A one-way ticket costs US$6, and a two-way ticket costs US$10. Therefore, the transport service costs US$49 per vehicle.


How Do You Get to the Museum?

The Uffizi Gallery is located in the Piazzale Degli Uffizi, right next to the Piazza Della Signoria and the Palazzo Vecchio. This means it is right in the center of Florence. You can walk, take a taxi, or even ride a bus to get to the museum.

It is a large museum and easy to find. Plus, it is a very famous tourist destination, so if you end up getting lost, there are plenty of people around who will be able to direct you.

However, the Statue of David is actually not in Uffizi. It is located in a different gallery, known as Accademia Gallery. Like the Uffizi, it is a very famous museum, so it is easy to see. Plenty of guided tours throughout Florence will take you to the gallery.

While they are different galleries, they are very similar, only about a 12-minute walk apart. Therefore, visiting them both on the same day is relatively easy as far as time and distance. However, since they are so popular, they can both be very crowded or easily booked.

For this reason, many people recommend, if you are going during tourist season, to space out the tours pretty far, or even do them on different days, just in case.

Many people prefer Uffizi, as the building itself is a work of art and shows many different kinds of art, while Accademia is a lot smaller and mostly focuses on statues. Unfortunately, the building is also fairly standard in appearance and not as eye-catching.


How Much Do You Need to Pay for the Entrance?

To get into the Uffizi Gallery, you will be looking at around US$29. However, children can get free and reduced tickets as well, as long as they are under 18 years of age.

You can also get tickets for a tour. The tour is around US$57 per person, and children under six get in for free. The tour itself is usually about an hour and 45 minutes, but you are welcome to stay inside the museum as long as you would like after that.

The tickets for Accademia are around US$21. A guided tour, which takes about an hour and a half, costs US$47. Again, children under six are free.


How to Avoid the Crowd?

Booking in advance for both galleries is one of the best ways to avoid a crowd. If planned enough in advance, you may easily be able to visit both museums in a day. Earlier bookings in the day are also a lot less crowded.

While not booking in advance can save you US$4 per ticket, there is a large chance that tickets will be sold out, even before the museum opens, so if you aren’t willing to get up early and risk the chance of running out, booking in advance is well worth it.

The peak tourist season is usually between May and July in Italy, specifically in Florence. Sometimes, the peak season can last into September. So if you can go to visit Florence outside of these peak seasons, you have a much better chance of avoiding the crowd.

Most of the time, outside of peak tourist seasons, prices drop pretty dramatically as well, so it will save you money.

Finally, another great way to avoid the crowd is a Firenze card. It is well-worth purchasing. It allows you to avoid purchasing tickets in advance, and you can get into almost any museum.

It is expensive at around US$72, but you get 72 hours to visit up to 72 different sites in Florence. So at about US$20 to US$30 per ticket, you save money even if you only manage to visit four sites in that time.

Both Uffizi and Accademia are included with the Firenze card.


What Do You Need to Know Before You See David Statue?

It is important to note that while you do not need a guided tour to see the Statue of David, it makes it easier to see. The museum is often crowded, especially during peak tourist season, so it can be hard to visit otherwise.

Pre-booking your tickets also allows you to skip the line and enter through a different entrance, so you get to see the museum faster and get to the Statue of David.


Final Thoughts on The Location of the Statues of David?

The Statue of David is one that many art and history buffs want to see in their lifetime. Unfortunately, many people often get the location mixed up, believing the statue to be in the Uffizi Gallery.

However, it is actually in the Accademia gallery, which is about a 12-minute walk away.

While it is possible to visit both in a day, they can be very crowded, and the museums quickly run out of tickets. For this reason, it is good to plan ahead and buy online if you definitely don’t want to miss this attraction.