What To Wear To The Beach If You’re Self Conscious

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Everyone wants to have that perfect beach body every summer, but even when we try our best, sometimes, we end up just shy of our goals. This can lead to body insecurity when you’re at a get-together with friends and family, especially at the beach.

Luckily, there are several flattering options to cover yourself up with if you’re feeling less than confident on the sand and surf. Items like sarongs and flowing dresses can be fashionable and boost confidence until you feel more comfortable in your own skin.


What are Your Options?

Not everyone has to perfectly model a bikini at the beach, and neither should you have to! But, unfortunately, there is a huge emphasis on youth and beauty in today’s social media that ends up demoralizing both men and women because of impossible body standards.

If you want to get wet while at the beach, there are plenty of full-body options, like one-piece swimsuits. If you don’t mind the swimwear being skin-tight, a surfer’s getup might work for you and be very supportive.

You don’t necessarily need to swim while you’re at the beach, so if you’re still self-conscious, you can just wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Since it will likely be hot, you may want to consider loose tops and shorts or capris or a nice dress.


What Can You Wear to the Beach without Showing Too Much Skin?

If you don’t plan on doing much more than dipping your toes in the water, you have more options than if you want to go for a swim. A nice crop top and a tasteful sarong will keep much of your skin out of the harsh sunlight and protect you from judging eyes.

When it comes to swimwear, again, one-piece swimsuits are a good idea, especially if you can find ones that are more like short dresses.

For men, you don’t have as many options, unfortunately. A shirt, shorts, or swimming trunks are your only options if you don’t want to overheat.


Is Swimming in T-Shirts a Good Idea?

If you want to get into the water and don’t want to show much skin, a T-shirt is not a bad idea. Wearing a T-shirt can even protect you from the UV rays of the sun, especially if it’s an athletic kind of shirt made for that purpose.

Ideally, you shouldn’t wear a T-shirt in a public swimming pool because it can introduce pathogens into the water that might cause harm to someone else during their visit, but it shouldn’t be an issue for a beach visit.

Swimming with a T-shirt on isn’t weird either, so you don’t need to worry about being judged because most people will be understanding and sympathetic.


Which Type of Clothes Shouldn’t You Wear?

Even if you cover yourself from head to toe because you are self-conscious, there are some items you should avoid wearing. Jeans and other denim-based clothes should be avoided, especially if you’re hoping to go for a dip.

This fabric is heavy enough, but if it gets wet, it will take forever to dry and become even heavier, which can make swimming difficult.

You should also consider wearing light-colored clothes to reflect as much sunlight as possible. This will keep you cooler and may reduce sunburns. Just make sure the cloth isn’t see-through. Otherwise, you may get an unwanted tan or burn.


How Do You not Feel Self-Conscious at the Beach?

Building up your self-confidence is a long process, and, unfortunately, you may never reach the point where you don’t feel self-conscious at the beach. There are steps you can take to reduce the resulting anxiety, though.

Practice wearing the clothes you’d like to wear at the beach in your house. If you get used to the swimsuit or outfit in a comfortable setting, that feeling can transfer to other settings.

Stay away from social media, especially from influencer blogs and such, so that you can have healthy expectations of yourself and your body. If you can’t pry yourself away from the screen, consider getting a workout routine going so your body is closer to those you follow.


Final Thoughts on What To Wear To The Beach If You’re Self Conscious

Going to the beach is meant to be a fun and relaxing outing for everyone, but it can end up stressing out people instead. Being self-conscious of your body is one of the reasons why people might avoid visiting the beach.

Fortunately, you can still visit the beach in style without having to wear a bikini or a similarly revealing outfit. Instead, dresses, sarongs, crop tops, skirts, and more can cover you up and boost your confidence enough to enjoy your time in the sand.