What To See In Nicosia Greek Side

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Nicosia Greek Side - What To See here?

If you don’t know much about Cyprus and its history, you may have looked at the title of this article with some confusion.

Although not recognized by most, if not all, international bodies, the island country of Cyprus is actually divided into the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus because of over 50 years of conflict between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

The Greek side of Nicosia features some of the most historic areas of the capital city, such as Famagusta Gate, and boasts a superb array of shopping options.

Keep reading to learn more about the Greek side of Nicosia and some of the better attractions to visit.


What Can You Find on the Greek Side of Nicosia?

The Greek side of Nicosia (often referred to simply as Nicosia) is home to history, fine dining, shopping, and beautiful scenery alike.

However, just because the city is divided roughly between the north and south sides doesn’t mean that you will necessarily miss anything by staying on one side.

Many people enjoy aimlessly wandering up and down the streets of Nicosia, soaking in the atmosphere and culture of local Cypriots.

If walking around isn’t enough of an immersive experience for you, you can also try a traditional Cypriot coffee at the numerous streetside cafes for an authentic, soothing beverage.


What Places Should You Go To on the Greek Side of Nicosia?

Ledra Street, also known as the Murder Mile back in the late 1950s, is now a peaceful, popular shopping destination for locals and international tourists alike.

Aside from shopping, the street is steeped in history because it is the 6th border crossing point between Northern Nicosia and Nicosia.

Museums are usually the highlight of trips for many people visiting Nicosia. These attractions include the Byzantine Museum for historic art lovers, as well as the Cyprus Museum – home to the biggest and most complete collection of Cyprus artifacts.

Shacolas Tower is for panorama fanatics. The 11th floor boasts a sweeping view of the entirety of Northern Nicosia and Nicosia, where you can see the outline of the Green Line (the UN buffer zone) that divides the city.


When is the Best time to Visit the Greek Side of Nicosia?

Although it is divided, the Greek side of Nicosia doesn’t necessarily experience different weather conditions from Northern Nicosia.

Not only that but Nicosia and the rest of Cyprus sit in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, so the weather is pleasant throughout most of the year.

The best time to visit Nicosia comes down mostly to how busy you want the area to be at the same time as your vacation.

If you like a lot of events and a large number of tourists like yourself, the summer months like May, June, and July will be the best time to visit but also the hottest.

February is a great month to visit Nicosia if you don’t like the crowds since it is off-season. With relatively cool temperatures and low precipitation, this could be the best time to visit with a family.


What is the Greek Side of Nicosia Most Famous For?

Nicosia is probably best known for its most photographed attraction, the Famagusta Gate. The gate remains as a remnant of mid-16th century Venetian architecture and the defenses used to repel Ottoman invasions.

Despite being restored a couple of times, the structure still fills you with a deep respect for its history and what it has been used for over its lifetime.

At times, there will be various exhibitions on display. These exhibitions help revitalize and regenerate the nearby neighborhood of Taht-el-kale through their revenue.


How Long Should You Stay on the Greek Side of Nicosia?

There is no definitive answer to how long you should stay on the Greek side of Nicosia, especially if you aren’t as interested in the rich history or any shopping while on your vacation.

If you’re only planning on visiting the south side without crossing the buffer zone and depending on how thoroughly you explore everything Nicosia has to offer, you might want to stay a few days to a full week.

Some people even feel that they have seen enough of Nicosia after just one full day of guided tours, but spending at least two or three days at your own pace is recommended.


Final Thoughts on What to See in the Greek Side of  Nicosia 

Nicosia (or the Greek side of Nicosia) is a beautifully historic capital city that has managed to keep up with modern times.

You might think that the division between Greek and Turkish Cypriots would cause tension and the occasional incident, but the area experiences a great deal of peace overall. So enjoy everything your heart desires on a trip to Nicosia without fear and apprehension.