What To See In Malmö

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Turning Torso Tower - What To See In Malmö?

Many people flock to places with silky, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters on the majority of their vacations, but sometimes a more culturally engaging trip is rewarding and more memorable than simply laying out in the sun.

Malmö is the third-largest city in Sweden after Stockholm and Gothenburg, with plenty of sights to see and things to experience.

From marveling at the architectural feat that is the Øresund Bridge to trying some of the world’s most disgusting foods at a museum, Malmö has something for everyone taking a beach break.

Continue reading to learn more about this Swedish city, what it has to offer, and some pointers about planning a trip to the area.


What Can You Visit in Malmö?

Even if you’re not looking to sunbathe on the beach all day, Malmö does boast about 1.5 miles of beachfront land and waters shallow enough to paddle in. Just be aware that there is a designated nudist area along the beach.

The Turning Torso is Malmö’s tallest building and can be a fun challenge to spot from places like the sky bar at Clarion Hotel. After spotting the modern bit of architecture, you can soak up the rest of the city in all its glory.

Malmöhus Castle and Slottsmöllan (the castle mill) are historical treats local to Malmö, but the Disgusting Food Museum is a place unlike any other in the city.

Sample and discuss the evolution of human cuisines with some controversially revolting dishes from around the world.


Is Malmö Expensive?

In the grand scheme, Malmö is not a very expensive place to visit, unlike some areas that tend to raise prices and take advantage of tourists. The average cost of a one-week stay for a couple sits at just under $1,000 but doesn’t include your airfare.

This cost can go up or down depending on how fancy you want your visit to be and the time of year you visit. However, staying in Malmö is much better for your wallet than booking and paying for a hotel in Copenhagen, where you will most likely fly in and out.


For How Long Should You Stay in Malmö?

Malmö is a wonderful city to explore, and it is incredibly easy to do so on foot because of how flat the area is as well as easy-to-use public transport.

These two factors combined mean that you can explore the highlights of the city within as little as 24 hours, but it would be a shame to rush through everything so quickly.

Anywhere between 2-4 days in Malmö is a pretty standard stay which gives you plenty of time to enjoy everything the Scandinavian city has to offer and more. You can even visit Copenhagen, Denmark, which is just 30 minutes away by car!


When is the Best Time to Visit Malmö?

The best time to visit Malmö, like many other places, is in the summer between May and August. Not only will the temperatures be higher and more comfortable for walking around outside, but you will also benefit from longer days.

The city really comes to life in the summer with events like the Malmö Festival held every August, so being able to experience even more of the culture (for free, no less) is always a bonus.

That being said, Malmö (and the rest of Sweden) celebrate the winter months with holidays of their own, and the Christmas markets top many visitors’ lists when visiting in the off-season.


What is the Traditional Food You Can Eat in Malmö?

Skåne County, where Malmö is located, is known for its odd mix of international and domestic food influences and cultures.

Most people recommend visiting a local cafe to try out fika – a traditional coffee often served with some form of pastry. Not only do these same people attest to the superior flavor than in mid to high-end restaurants, but it is also significantly cheaper at a cafe.

Äggakaka is a traditional, thick pancake usually topped with bacon and lingonberries. It was traditionally made and eaten by Swedish farmers because it was easy to pack and consume out in the fields. Now, it is a delicious breakfast menu item.

For more adventurous people, all sorts of marinated herring are available because the area is famous for its fishing heritage. If that isn’t daring enough for you, ålagille or “eel parties” await.


Final Thoughts on What to See in Malmö

There is plenty of excitement to be had in Malmö no matter when you visit. Indoor attractions like museums, hip food spots, and saunas provide entertainment and enjoyment if the weather turns foul, while the scenic city itself is a wonder to behold on a sunny day.

Take full advantage of the lower prices while staying in Malmö but don’t forget to visit Copenhagen as well since it is so close.