What To Do Around Lax To Kill Time?

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Airplanes at a Airport - What To Do Around Lax To Kill Time?

Did you get stuck in LAX with a long layover and want to know how to spend your time? No one wants to just sit in a loud airport surrounded by people and noise for eight or more hours with nothing to do. Even lounges can be a better option than just the terminal.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options both in the terminals and just outside the airport to keep you entertained no matter how long your layover is, and no matter what you enjoy doing.

From tasty and comforting food to fun art pieces, you will find something to catch your attention.


What is there to do near LAX airport?

There is plenty to do within a cheap ride of the LAX airport. If you want a chance to stretch your legs and learn, there are plenty of museums and learning centers.

For example, there is the Flight Path Learning Center with exhibits about the history of commercial flights. There is also an automobile driving museum and a wilderness center.

If that isn’t your style, there are plenty of shopping places along the Manhattan Beach Pier and Abbot Kinney. If you want to stay near the beach, there’s plenty of space to walk around and enjoy the ocean waves and the Marina Del Rey if you want to look upon some boats.

There are also recreation areas and state parks to let you see some wildlife, and stretch your legs with leisurely hikes.


What can you do in LAX for 8 Hours?

While food won’t take up to eight hours, it can keep you entertained for a while. Almost every terminal has plenty of options, from lobster grilled cheese to fruit smoothies and Latin fusion.

If you want to make the most of it, travel through all eight terminals and try a few small bites and drinks at a couple in every place. That could easily help kill three or four hours.

In addition to the eight main terminals, there is also the Tom Bradley International terminal, which is full of various foods like sushi, sandwiches, pizza, and even a caviar bar.

Food not your style? Inside the airport specifically, there’s plenty else to do.


  • Spas
  • Shopping
  • Art
  • Sleep
  • Explore
  • Relax in a lounge


Fun Places You Can Find at LAX

If you don’t feel like traveling around outside the airport, there’s plenty to explore just inside the airport. You don’t have to go through security to switch between terminals, so pretty much the whole airport is free to explore.

Relax in restaurants you know, like Shake Shack or other chains. Additionally, California is a wine country. You can purchase bottles of wine in the airport from the area and you don’t have to worry about fighting with security to get onto the plane.

If you want to try the wines before you buy a bottle, there are plenty of places to do that as well. A lot of the wines also help to support growth, such as a Sonoma wine where some of the proceeds go to a wine country devastated by fire in the area.

You can also look at art exhibits from local artists in the airport, such as in terminal six, and video exhibits throughout all terminals.


Does LAX have a Sleeping Area?

There are many lounges and spaces in LAX, but none are specifically designed to be places to sleep. However, when certain terminals and lounges are undergoing renovations, they tend to have lower foot traffic and so they may be a quieter area to take a nap.

Some of the VIP lounges are also quieter. While they aren’t set up to be a napping area, they can be quiet enough that you can take a nap without a problem.

LAX has no designated areas for sleep. There are no sleeping lounges, areas, or even simple nap pods, so if you were planning on taking a nap, you may want to bring headphones or learn to be a heavy sleeper.


Is Booking an Airport Lounge Worth it?

Depending on what you are looking for, an airport lounge can be worth it. They remove you from the hectic traffic of the airport. They are also much more comfortable, with better and larger seating, Wi-Fi, and power outlets, so you have everything you need in one place.

Additionally, you don’t have to fight for seats, or access to power strips as often. They may not be ideal for someone that has a short layover of just a couple of hours, as they can cost upwards of 50 dollars in some airports.

But if you just want to relax and recover from a flight and have a long layover, like eight hours, it may make sense to pay for access to a lounge.


Final Thoughts on What To Do Around Lax To Kill Time

Don’t worry, if you have a long layover at the LAX, you aren’t stuck just twiddling your thumbs and watching the clock. There are plenty of things to do. If you don’t want to deal with security, you don’t even have to leave the terminal to have a good time.

However, if you want to explore the area, but don’t want to carry all of your baggage, you can still go and explore. LAX may have overlooked napping areas, but they offer lockers where you can store your luggage while you are exploring museums and beaches.