What Is The Best Time To Visit St. Simons Island GA?

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A big tree in front of a lake - What Is The Best Time To Visit St. Simons Island GA?

This is a debatable point, and there are going to be different reasons for wanting to visit the beaches of St. Simons Island.

For one, the best surfing swells will be in the fall, and October to November will have three-foot swells that will be perfect for the learning or rehabbing surfing athlete.

Many agree the best time is to visit in the late spring, summer, and early fall, when the weather is warm and the conditions fairest. Others will say that winter is the best time because the town has slowed to a holiday pace, and the lights create a magical atmosphere.


When is the Place the Most Crowded?

As with most of the eastern seaboard, the beachgoers are either daily visitors or flocking there because of the hot weather. The Atlantic Ocean provides an affordable source of swimming water and, better or more, a place to keep one cool.

The summertime in the Eastern portions of the United States has large migrations to the waters, especially recently since the climate has given to a higher temperature pattern.

If you are trying to avoid the crowds, consider going in spring or fall. If summer is the choice, then consider early morning visits.


When Does the Tourist Season Begin?

The start of tourist season begins with the start of the summer waves of visitors. This occurs on average starting in June and lasts well into August.

It starts with the winter season vacation packages, selecting the summer vacation lodgings, and closely followed by the New Year – tax return crowds who planned to spend their returns on a self-gift.

The actual visitors will begin showing up when the weather becomes prime, sometimes as early as springtime, closer to May. If you are a crowd person, then this will be the time for you to go and mingle with the people.


When Does it End?

The main part of the tourist season will be in the summer months, and there is going to be a wave of folks that prefer the eighties to the hotter weather.

Those visitors will be making plans for the later September to October months as the seasons begin to shift into colder weather.

Surfers will make their way to the beaches in late October and November to catch the type of surfing that St. Simons Island offers.

To be fair, the summer tourist season ends in August and is followed by the fall time goers. This second tourist season ends in November and December as winter begins.


When is the Place the Cheapest?

There are going to be sections in time that will have low visitation numbers, like between the Thanksgiving and December holidays or after the first week of January until St. Valentine’s day.

The best plan is to get ahead of the crowds and secure the days and dates you desire by reserving spots months, even a year, in advance.

There are many that would agree the best times to visit will be in the late fall, the non-holiday wintertime, or early spring when looking for more affordable vacation packages and cheaper bundles for families and couples.


How Long Should You Stay There?

Like with any new place, there is going to be a learning period and an exploration period for the stay. Vacations start as first-time activities and must-dos for those visiting the area. Next comes ocean recreation and the vast adventures that come with just as vast a waterway.

To give yourself enough time for first-time stuff, a weekend will complete those checklists, but to get the full picture, a week minimum will give you ample time. You may need to plan a second visit to accomplish all the fishing charter adventures alone.


Final Thoughts on The Best Time to Visit St. Simons Island

A family going to St. Simons will want to go to the beaches and possibly find time for mom to get a spa day and dad to take the kids golfing or fishing, depending on the family.

There are plenty of different activities for tourists to enjoy, including bountiful shops, tasty foods from local restaurants (freshly caught seaborn fish), not to mention the beaches that stretch around the island.

Remember, the start of the busy season begins in May and June and continues into late August.

There is a smaller second wave in the fall months, but that ends as November does, these patterns might just be the element or piece of information that allows you to unlock the perfectly priced and planned trip.