What Is Oak Glen Known For?

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Oak Glen is nestled neatly within the San Bernardino valley, which gives the area a perfect environment for going to an orchard worth of apples.

To answer the question, Oak Glen is known for its old-timey entertainment and vast orchard farms that spread out about the area.

Visitors will want to take part in tasting the fresh apples, the baking goods that go along with fresh apples, and the many different forms of entertainment offered at the unique historical amusement site.

There is also a wide variety of outdoor recreation within reach of the town’s lodgings and other accommodations.


What Should You Visit in Oak Glen?

This will start with a decision on whether to stay in the city’s lodgings, stay nearby in a hotel or resort, then possibly take a turn at a camping option within the nearby sites and national forest area.

If you are staying in town, the places to visit will be the restaurants and have dinner with an apple pie for dessert.

Then there is the museum, which offers guided tours that will take you through the town and point out historically significant sites and what events occurred there. Finally, there must be time allocated for visiting the orchards.


Other Famous Spots in Oak Glen

The Oak Glen Orchard farming community has done well to get the word out but holds onto the history and roots of the events there since the apple trees started rising.

The most famous place of note would be The Village at Oak Glen, where a variety of hotels and restaurants are available to suit just about anyone’s tastes.

Then you have the Oak Glen Preserve, which features a natural and wildlife area. There will also be the theater at Riley’s Apple Farm, which has been known to put on a good rendition of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.


Is Oak Glen a Historical City?

The Oak Glen area planted the first apple trees as far back as 1876. The founders of the ‘Los Rios Rancho’ started their orchard in 1906, and it is one of the oldest running apple farms in the region.

So to say this city is historic would be an apt description, even perfect.

There are many historical places, old-timey entertainment, and architecture to satisfy a person’s desire to feel what it was like in the old west. Not sure if there are still gun-slinging duels in the streets, but I would stay on my toes if I were you.


Is there a Museum in Oak Glen? 

There are going to be multiple museums in the area in and around the Oak Glen, California area.

The most notable might be the Oak Glen School House Museum; the area has the old wooden schoolhouse built on Wilshire farm in 1887. Nearly forty years later, the building was upgraded to have stone walls.

The basic structure of the schoolhouse is intact, which can give visitors a chance to go back in time and experience what the students over a hundred years ago had for a day. This may prove to a younger mind the value of today’s learning tools.


How Long Should You Stay There?

There is so much to do in the Oak Glen historical area. To truly experience the Apple Orchard culture, a family or person will need to stay for at least a week.

Any visits after that can be shorter because then there will be no need for a guided tour or to take part in the beginners’ activities; you can go right to the next set of things to do in Oak Glen.

Many visits can be made to see the tree’s leaves turn over in the fall months. There are also plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities, including fishing, hunting, backpacking, and camping in inaccessible national forested areas.


Final Thoughts on What Oak Glen is Known for

Oak Glen will be one of those trips that will be for a family memory vacation, to take a future spouse on a romantic retreat, or team up with the guys and their wives for a planned outing that fits both parties’ tastes.

There is plenty to do and fun entertainment options for the whole family to enjoy, not to mention fresh apples mean fresh apple pies at the bakeries and restaurants.

Take a scoop of ice cream, place it on top of the ‘just out of the oven’ slice of pie, let it melt just a little into the pie, and take a bite.