Weekend Getaways that are Pet Friendly

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Let us have fun with the narrative, and you just broke up with a long-term partner. The thing is, you forgot about the vacation you took. Your current best friend licks their butt but unconditionally loves you back, and the decision to take them is made. 

Weekend Getaways are an art form, flying in on a Friday night, having a full Saturday to enjoy the destination, and flying back Sunday afternoon. The difference is the pet you are traveling with. 

The species will make a difference, and with that said we are going to speak about Cats and Dogs with tidbits about other animal regulations. 


Where are the Best Places to Travel with Pets?

Not more than fifty years ago, it would have been considered outlandish to travel with a pet and even more so concerning being charged for having an animal with you. Today’s resorts will have stay fees for your four-legged friends, cheaper than humans. 

The best places to go will have room to run and play, a unique feature for you and them to explore together, and resort-specialized services that will tip the scales. 

We find places like the Dog Bark Park Inn Bed and Breakfast in Cottonwood, Idaho, that tops the specialized list, but then you have the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground tipping the scales. 


How Can You Tell if a Place is Pet Friendly?

There are going to be a few ways to check if a destination of yours will be friendly to your pet. The most direct will be to phone the front desk and ask the staff. Otherwise, being in the know starts with which sites to search and knowing how to conduct the research. 

There are plenty of websites specialized for pet-friendly accommodations. Otherwise, when you use booking web pages, be sure to check the box that filters out all non-pet-friendly vacation spots and homes. 


How do you go on Vacation if you have Pets?

When going on vacation with a pet, you basically can do the same thing as if going with only humans. Just adjust for the needs of your four-legged friend. 

The differences start with the initial research, which needs to be focused on pet-friendly activities and the responsibilities that come with having them there. 

Transportation comes into play, requiring additional fees to transport and travel with your pets, depending on the form in which you choose to go. 

Then comes the charges at the place in which you stay, the schedule needed to take the dog out for their potty breaks, along with the various vacation adjustments needed when it comes to activity. 


Which State is the Kindest to Pets?

This will be split into about fifty different opinions, which then we would need to split and filter the field in order to truly find which state is kindest. 

We start with pet ownership, which speaks about the number of state folk who have a furry, or otherwise, friend to live alongside. 

Then you will have to take into consideration the U.S. State Animal Protection Laws which the state enforces. 

Therefore when you combine these two filters, we are left with Indiana. They have one of the highest pet ownership percentages, along with a top-tier ranking (#12) in protection laws. 


Which Places Should You Avoid?

When it comes to states that are at the bottom tier of state protection laws for animals list, in this particular case, we find New Mexico at the fiftieth spot, followed by Mississippi and Alabama. 

Others will chime in, calling Kentucky the worst for its so-called ‘Felony Provisions,’ which shelter animal owners including instances that can be considered neglect. 

Then you will have to take into account the statistics, from the last decade, on animal abuse cases from each state, and it turns out that Texas and Delaware top the list with over six thousand offenses occurring between the years of 2012 and 2021. 


Final Thoughts on Weekend Getaways that are Pet Friendly

After the time spent doing the research, it will seem that vacationing with your pet should be limited to pet-friendly states and to places that have been researched to be safe for your pets. 

When it comes to overall thoughts on the matter, pets are extra stressed in most cases, which voids the purpose of the vacation, and a solution must be prepared.

Either pet daycare or a trip, necessary accommodations must be made in order to ensure the safety of the animal.