Things To Do In Texas For Family Vacation

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The Lone Star state is one of those Old west places with touches of modern entertainment. The first place that comes to mind is South Padre Island, where a family can enjoy the best water recreation the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.

In the western portions of Texas, El Paso is one of those old west towns pinched on the borders of the state of New Mexico and the country of Mexico.

To the eastern portions will be the cities of Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, all of which have different forms of entertainment.


Is Texas a Good State for a Family Vacation?

The state will be primarily farms and ranches and long stretches of highway, but in certain areas, a family can find quality entertainment in safe neighborhoods.

The place to visit, says anyone that has been there is Padre Island, which offers activities like horseback rides, natural area tours, and sandcastle-building lessons.

Or in San Antonio, which offers a unique Disney Animation Immersive Experience as a partnership with Lighthouse Immersive Studios that the kids will love. Or catch a rodeo in the capital city of Austin and take in one of the world’s Top ten Pro Rodeo venues.


What part of Texas is Best for Families?

When you look at a map of Texas, you will notice the long stretches of open highway, and there will be better places than these areas (unless you are visiting a ranch) for a Family Vacation.

The better parts will be closer to the Gulf of Mexico; here, you will find the cities of Austin and Houston, along with Padre Island.

San Antonio and Dallas are in the eastern part of the lone star state, making an overwhelming case for this being the better part of Texas for families.

Just as an honorary mention, the Rio Grande River is to the Southern portion of the State. History lines the banks of that river.


What is the Most Family-friendly Town in Texas?

Many will argue for their city or town as being the most family-friendly municipality in the state of Texas.

Houston claims that their northern suburbs are called The Woodlands and are considered the best place to raise kids, stating that every home is within a ten-minute walk of a public park and a number of schools that rank high amongst Texas schools.

As far as a city as a whole, the state ranks Plano, Texas, as the best city for being family-friendly.


What are the Must-see Locations of Texas?

As mentioned above, Padre island will be a must-stay place for families concerning vacation areas. Otherwise, visiting Texas without seeing the Alamo is a lost chance to see an iconic piece of Texas history and then spend an evening along the Riverwalk.

Take a trip to see the Rio Grande, or even plan a Float trip through the National Park Service and enjoy the beauty of the major Texan and Mexican rivers.

To keep with the outdoor natural beauty aspect of the State, if you have the chance to visit the Big Bend National Park, just go, and you’ll understand.


For How Long Should You Stay there?

Depending on where you are going to visit in Texas, there will be various times to stay.

Places like Padre Island will be visited at least once on vacation, where a weekend to a week might cover all the entertainment options, with a follow-up trip to participate in the activities again with better confidence (i.e., fishing).

Staying in cities like Austin and San Antonio will need a week for a large enough sample size to get a feel for the culture. Houston is known for its fantastic BBQ, and it would behoove a family to be there during a cooking competition to get a taste of the Gulf coast city.


Final Thoughts on Things to do in Texas for Family Vacation

Texas is a BIG state, and the people embody that. There will be many places to visit, places of natural beauty and majesty, and cities with fun family entertainment options.

If you like bar-b-que, then this is the state to taste the best of Texan beef, plus the fresh seafood from the Gulf could lead to a meal to remember for your family members.

A note from an Outdoorsman with a family who hunts says the hunting in this state is excellent, from fowl to hogs.