Things to do in Miami for Family Vacation

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Beach view in evening and water vehicles are moving in the sea - Things to do in Miami for Family Vacation.

Down in Florida, you have the panhandle that contains the Everglades and access to the emerald waters skirting the Gulf coast. Then you have the Atlantic Coast side of the state, which is home to South Beach, sand-white beaches, and world-famous nightlife. 

Miami is known for having a healthy nightlife that keeps the good vibes going into the night and into the next day. Do not be afraid, there are going to be plenty of activities to do when visiting the sandy beaches of Florida’s Atlantic coastline city. 


Which Activities are Good for the Kids?

There will be a wide variety of ways to entertain the kids, and the iconic neighborhoods will provide a taste of Miami’s diversity and food. You can then visit the unique animals housed at the Miami Zoo or the Seaquarium in the afternoon. 

Or spend some time in the cultured Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, or Children’s Museum.

You can do one of these two just before taking an adrenaline-pumping Thriller Miami Speedboat adventure or staying up late and playing a few holes of putt-putt at the Puttshack, the world’s only tech-infused minigolf course. 

More traditional activities, such as a charter fishing trip or surfing lesson, can provide some outdoor ocean recreation unique to the water around the Miami harbor. 


What can Adults Do?

If your kids are zonked and you still want to visit the Puttshack, do it. Otherwise, when looking for a more mature set of entertainment choices. 

Be sure to try the foods and restaurant options in South beach and Little Havana for Caribbean-influenced flavors and dishes. 

Ocean recreation extends to deep-sea fishing, spelunking, and shipwreck exploration packages that experienced Captains can charter. Urban entertainment includes the Miami Heat and Miami Marlins. 

When I think about professional sports, but there is a popping music scene, various tastes and genres will apply. 

Or, for those that have saved up, consider a cruise that leaves the harbor at Miami and leaves the mainland behind for a few days to skirt the Caribbean and visit the various islands found there. 


Fun Activities You Can do Together

Normally it is very difficult to find activities in which all members of the family will be entertained, to which you should start with beach and ocean choices. 

If you are from a landlocked state, there is nothing better than enjoying the wide ocean waters but more the stretches of beaches to lay out in the sun or build a sandcastle, amongst other things. 

Consider catching an open-water fishing charter to catch the epic big one and form the legendary fishing story you will share for the rest of your life. Or consider watching your favorite NBA or MLB team play the home team if they are in town. 


What is the Best Area to Go to?

There are many secrets packed into the Southeastern Atlantic coastline city, including the site of the first Burger King to open in 1954, and Miami became the location of the corporate headquarters. 

If you are an ocean recreation buff, Miami is known for being a diver’s heaven with dream weather conditions to explore the length of the mainland and the vast group of islands known as the Florida Keys. 

If you are looking for a slice of the Miami cuisine life, start with the Key lime pies found here after having a Cubano in Little Havana. Then, catch a Dolphins game for a truly Miami sporting experience while enjoying the warmer weather months. 


How Long Should You Stay?

This will depend on the nature of the visit. For those that want a quick taste of the Miami nightlife, consider a weekend stay. 

Otherwise, to truly get a feel for this unique Floridian city, you should stay a week; this will give the family time to charter a ship while also having time to check out the culture and history of the region. 

Over the seven days, you can catch a concert and recover in the gentle waters of a resort, followed by a day on the beach catching waves and the sun. 

This amount of time will be ample enough to get a real feel for the city, to be checked off the list of places to visit, or to be revisited for an event in the future with a better knowledge of the area. 


Final Thoughts on Things to do in Miami for Family Vacation 

Miami is a city that can be fun for everyone. Consider having a day where groups split off and do separate things. 

The outdoorsy side of the family can go fishing, while the more casual living half can enjoy the beach and a spa treatment if available. 

Comes down to a family’s creativity.