Things to do in Atlanta, Georgia for Family Vacation

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The host of the 1996 Summer Olympics games, Atlanta, has undergone many changes. The Braves still play but in a new stadium. The Thrashers left for Winnipeg, but the Falcons and Hawks still ball in the ATL.

So, in addition to a rich sports history, the capital of this Southern Peach state will have a few places for the family to stay and explore in. There are going to be six distinct areas to explore, each neighborhood with its own attractions. These include:


  • Buckhead
  • Downtown
  • Eastside
  • Midtown
  • South
  • Westside


Is Atlanta a Good Choice for a Family Vacation?

Atlanta, like many cities, will have some places that everyday people should avoid, but if you stay in the safe resorts and hotel areas, there is a chance for a very pleasant stay.

The family must visit the College Football Hall of Fame, learn some culture and history at the National Center for Civil and Human rights, have fun on tour at the World of Coca-Cola, or visit the animals at the Georgia Aquarium or at Zoo Atlanta.

The weather is usually humid, with average temperatures between seventy and fifty-three degrees. Hard to complain about this South-eastern United States city.


Which Area is Best to Stay in as a Tourist Family?

When it comes to this big city, the best place to stay with a family will be Downtown which is packed with many different family-friendly places to stay, all within reach of the city’s attractions, including the Aquarium, Zoo, and Coca-Cola museum.

There will be the knowledge of security but also the ability to walk to an attraction, spend the day, then find a place to eat before returning to the hotel to unwind for the evening.

If you are in town for a ball game, a stay next to the arena can be a perfect fit, which will limit the family’s exposure to any dangers that might be present in the city.


What Activities Can You Do?

Atlanta is a landlocked urban environment with various entertainment venues and options. Family-friendly activities, as mentioned before, will include the aquarium, museums, the zoo, and any of the professional sports teams that play for the city.

There will not be many outdoorsman’s options, though the stores in the area might have some regional gear that will help if visiting other parts of the state, especially if a hunting trip has been planned.

Consider visiting the peach farms near the city as a unique example of an activity. The most noted family-friendly destination will be the Southern Belle Farm in McDonough.


How Many Days is Enough?

This will depend on the speed at which the family is staying. Here are three examples of what a typical family cloud plan is. First of all, they are flying in for a sports game or other event and are only staying for a few days.

This will be enough to find a restaurant to taste the local culinary dishes and take in the event while enjoying a nice hotel with a hot tub.

The next will be staying to get a feel for the city and explore the culture of the area. This will need a week for ample time to take in the various museums and cultural sites.


What is the Best Month to Visit?

This will depend on the nature of the visit. Winter time holds the Martin Luther King Jr observances in January and the Chinese New Year Celebrations in February. Of course, there will be more than just these two events, but as most sports enthusiasts are privy to the Masters take place in April on the course at Augusta National, which is outside the city.

The best fishing off the coast will be in May through September, and healthy hunting seasons take place in late September through early January.

Then again, the famed sweet Georgia peaches are usually harvested near the end of May and conclude with the month of September, which can help create a few itinerary ideas for the family when visiting during the warmer months.


Final Thoughts on Things to do in Atlanta, Georgia, for Family Vacation 

Atlanta, Georgia, has been sung about in Hip-Hop songs, Country and R&B serenades, and Rock ‘n’ Roll ballads, to which the city also boasts a healthy music culture.

However, taking one of those weeklong trips can reveal a whole new appreciation for the city itself and the history that has taken place there, including the ’96 Summer Olympic Games.

Be sure to have a good idea of where you are going after any late-night events, and the best advice would be to go straight back to the hotel. No need to risk running into any late-night trouble.