New Orleans Family Vacation: Things to Do

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Couple sitting on a small bridge - New Orleans Family Vacation: Things to Do.

When you think about the Southern cities of the United States, most will mention the Cajun culture and Jambalaya capital of the world, and it is the place to be during the Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras celebrations, be sure to bring beads.

Amongst the old foundations of older pre-American civilizations, which used the Mississippi as a means of life, the cities of Louisiana will have many European influences leading to the creation of the unique Cajun heritage in 1755.

There will be some professional sports options, but also outdoor sports activities to participate in along the Gulf coast or Mississippi River or take it easy while staying in the culturally unique French Quarters of the city.


Which Activities are Good for the Kids?

Inside the French Quarters of the city will be simple, fun activities for the family to do, such as a carriage ride tour through the city after taking Breakfast at the Café Du Monde.

Other fun activities will include taking a Steamboat ride up the Mississippi to experience the Southern Gentlemen’s culture that Mark Twain so famously authored stories about.

Take a ride with the little ones to the Train Garden to see the beautiful scenery in the Botanical Gardens of New Orleans. Or simply explore the New Orleans City Park, or walk along Victory Avenue to take in the Historical Carousel, Storyland, or the Museum of Art.


What can the Adults do?

When the parents are given a chance to go out for the night, consider a stroll along the famed Bourbon Street, and be ready for a raucous time and loud music, the nightlife is the embodiment of what a party city should be, which the New Orlean’s people take pride in.

Learn about the diverse cultures of the area. Through the ages, a tremendous amount of history has taken place in the area.

But, possibly the most important thing to do as a couple when visiting the city of New Orleans would be to eat the world’s best Jambalaya and Cajun food.


Fun Activities You can Do Together

You’ve decided to take a trip along the Mississippi in a Steamboat, and a scream rings out, and a murder has occurred.

As a couple, participating in one of these murder mysteries could be a lifelong memory that will stand the test of time. These will be the United States’ largest and most interactive play for guests to enjoy.

Other Fun activities include getting out into the Gulf on a charter to fish and explore the waters in the Caribbean, and scuba diving together, which concludes with eating together at a nice Cajun restaurant near the hotel.

In addition, couples and parents can participate in many romantic and entertaining activities.


What is the Best Area to Go to?

The best part to visit include the French Quarter and Bourbon Street, and consider visiting the National WWII Museum.

You cannot visit New Orleans as an adult without being there in February on Bourbon Street to partake in one of the biggest parties in the world, on par with Carnival in Southern America.

When it comes to the outdoors, Louisiana has some unique waters along the Mississippi Delta; the best places to explore will be the Gulf on a chartered ship, the Swamp areas upon an airboat, or travel the Mississippi river while staying in a steamboat room accommodation.


For How Long Should You Stay?

As a Family, there is going to be only needed for a single week to get a good feel for the city and the areas you can be with the kids. Otherwise, you should at least visit during the Mardi Gras celebrations once in your life, take the spouse, and possibly make it an annual trip.

Visiting New Orleans means the best of Cajun food, more specifically, the world’s best Jambalaya, an annual festival held nearby in Gonzales, Louisiana.

This world championship cooks square off in a competition that takes place each year in May between the twenty-sixth and twenty-eighth.


Final thoughts on Things to Do on a Family Vacation in New Orleans

When it comes to visiting this southern United States Gulf Coast city, adults must visit and experience Bourbon Street and what the nightlife holds for those willing to take a stroll.

Otherwise, as a family, you must visit and take the members to an authentic Cajun food restaurant, and someone orders the Jambalaya.

This special place is unique in its natural features and waterways and has experiences that can only be found there.

If you are not privy, ask what Mardi Gras beads are all about, it might shock you, but it will spell out the wild times to be had with these fun-loving people living in this famed Party city.