Nature things to do in Las Vegas

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Mule deer in wild environment - Nature things to do in Las Vegas.

There are two Las Vegas in the South Western region of the United States. One will be a city that never sleeps, and the other a hidden getaway tucked into the northern region of New Mexico. 

In this article, we will visit the Painted Deserts of New Mexico and take a step back in time to the old wild west days. 

Near town are the protected areas known as Storrie Lake State Park and the Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge, both of which will offer ample fishing and hunting opportunities for the outdoorsman in your life. 

Not to mention a chance to go camping at El Porvenir Campground, open between May and December thirty first. 


Is there Nature in Vegas?

When you think about the massive Gambling Mecca of Las Vegas, Nevada, there are hardly any images of the natural world around it. So, taking our focus away from the city that never sleeps, we find the old west town of Las Vegas, New Mexico, more outdoorsman-friendly. 

As mentioned in the passage before this one, there are going to be plenty of natural spaces to explore and pursue healthy recreational activities. 

In addition, you may find hints as to how vital this town was to the Santa Fe Trail or the Pony Express, both early signs of the migration of euro-influenced American culture. 


Which Spots Should You See?

A solid place to start would be with the Storrie Lake State Park and campground; here, you can play on the water with motorized and non-motorized watercraft. 

Specialized campgrounds include beach sites, family-friendly areas, and playgrounds to keep the kiddos entertained. Fish known to be residing in the lake include:


  • Crappie
  • Trout
  • Carp 
  • Catfish
  • Panfish


Next will be the Las Vegas Refuge, located at the base of El Llano Estacado, Sangre de Cristo Mountain range, and encompasses over eight thousand six hundred- and seventy-two acres, including portions of the Rocky Mountains. 

Dozens of different species of animals call this place home or use this area as a refuge from the Winter’s harsh weather conditions or the excessive heat of the southern regions in Summer. 


When is the Best Time to Do it?

The best time of year will depend on the type of recreation you find most enjoyable. Wintertime has very limited recreation options, making the warmer month the better option for visiting this wild west town. 

Lake Storrie is open year-round, and most recreation on the lake depends on the condition of the water, it can be difficult to boat in frozen icy waters. March 24th through the 26th will be a good time to visit the festival known as FoodieLand.

Night Market opens to the public offering a unique experience where you can immerse yourself in the local culture by eating the foods, shopping the stalls, and taking in the music of the area. 


Which part of Vegas has the Most Nature?

If you look at Las Vegas, New Mexico, is bordered by two major natural areas. To the north is the Lake Storrie State Park area, and to the west will be the multiple thousands of acre Las Vegas Wildlife Refuge. 

The truth is that natural areas surround the town, and to the south and west are desert lands fit to be explored by knowledgeable outdoors folk or guided tours. 

If there was a need to select a winner, it would be given to the Refuge areas to the east of the Old western New Mexican town, mainly because of the area’s protected wild features and landscapes.


Which Parts Do You Need to Avoid?

As with any area, there are going to be areas best avoided. In New Mexico, the trouble starts and surrounds the city of Albuquerque, which is directly south on Interstate twenty-five. Any overnight driving or activity is best avoided here, and the nightlife is limited in this town. 

As for the town itself, the city center records limited criminal activity, but overall Las Vegas, New Mexico, will have a seventy-five percent higher rating than that of the national average, which again plays to keeping activities in this area to daytime being a smart choice. 

Otherwise, this is a place to visit for a short stay. 


Final Thoughts on Nature Things to do in Las Vegas

To the north of Las Vegas is the small town of Santa Fe, which is known for its incredible art scene and spiritually diverse indigenous population. Consider visiting for a festival or a short stay to experience the Lake Storrie State Park activities and recreation. 

If you are a hunter, this would be the only reason, in this writer’s opinion, to visit the Wildlife Refuge, besides to shoot a different shot using a lens, when camping there.