Myrtle Beach vs. Charleston for Family Vacation

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South Carolina is a place caulked full of history, beautiful natural places, amazing fishing, and picturesque ocean fronts. Gullah culinary traditions will excite the taste buds, and the beaches will allow for a place for parents to relax, along with space for letting children play.

Speaking of the beaches, we have vacation destinations for which a family can go and enjoy the best of South Carolina’s ocean cities.

Myrtle beach is up north, closer to the North Carolina border, and will have a nice variety of family-friendly entertainment options to choose from. Charleston will be further south, known for its waterfront dining options, and will have more mature entertainment options set.


What are the Differences?

The first difference will be the geographical location. Myrtle beach is further north than Charleston.

Otherwise, these two cities will have entertainment options geared for different folks. For instance, Charleston has a wide variety of outdoor recreation options, including parks, historical sites, and top-class fishing.

Myrtle beach is known for its golf courses, but when it comes to family entertainment, it begins to feel more like a small town; for instance, the city will have murder mysteries and medieval knight mock battles.

In addition to ocean fishing charters and fourteen quiet unique coastal communities. To which Myrtle beach states, we are the beach!


Pros and Cons of Myrtle Beach vs. Charleston

The overall pro of going to Charleston will be the rich colonial and civil war era historical sites, making the area feel like a living museum. The con will be the lack of amusement park options when compared to Myrtle beach, which will be a good reason for the kids to behave.

The con of Myrtle beach will be the current conditions left from Hurricane Ian, which are being worked on and restored as this article is being written.

The pro will be the brand-new beaches that are being built. As the hurricane wreaked havoc on the coastline, it also provided the opportunity for city planners to design a new beachfront.


Which one has More Kids’ Entertainment?

Both of these coastal towns will have plenty of children’s friendly entertainment, and Charleston will have more outdoor recreation options for the family but not so much to outdo Myrtle beach.

Each South Caroline city will also have plenty of beachfront space and ocean recreation, natural forest and parks to camp in, streams and rivers for freshwater fishing, and many places to eat.

The tiebreaker will be the family-friendly amusement parks that can be found at Myrtle beach, including the Family Kingdom Amusement Park and Broadway Amusement Rides. These will be the difference in very close comparison.


Which One Has More Things to Do for Adults?

Charleston office webpage has activities that range from Bachelor/bachelorette parties to nightlife and spa services. In addition, the city offers carriage rides through the historical downtown stretch.

Did we mention the multiple places to eat some famed southern culinary dishes? Myrtle beach will also have nightlife, but the focus is more on the beaches the local communities call this stretch of an oceanfront home.

The food is top-notch, and so is the golfing, but this city will have more of a family-oriented feel than its southern neighbor. This one is close to calling; both will have plenty of adult entertainment for parents and couples when kids are free.


When is the best time for a Family Vacation for Myrtle Beach vs. Charleston?

Myrtle beach has designed spring break packages for families, which are advertised boldly, showing children in swimming suits playing on the beach. The weather will be nice around that time of year, not to mention the water will feel good in the middle of the day’s heat.

Charleston can be a hidden winter retreat, especially for those looking to take in the museum mile without the crowds. There will also be the Wine and food festival that takes place from February twenty-eighth to March fourth annually.

Generally, the best time of year to visit South Carolina is between March and May, between September and October.


Final Thoughts on Myrtle Beach vs. Charleston for Family Vacation

Both of these east coast cities offer a place to spend time with the family on a beach touching the Atlantic Ocean, pending the hurricane season weather.

One of the most prominent themes of both places will be the emphasis on food and the area’s culinary heritage.

Charleston will have classic southern hospitality, while Myrtle beach will provide world-class golfing choices. A family can hardly go wrong by choosing either of these places. Consider a vacation that incorporates both of these towns within a weeklong vacation stay.