Jamaica vs. Mexico for Family Vacation

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A beach with a coconut tree on it - Jamaica vs. Mexico for Family Vacation.

Down in the Caribbean, the age of pirates and swashbuckling helped shape the Gulf of Mexico into what it is today. Within these waters is the island of Jamaica, which hosts the famed Blue Mountains and makes a solid cup of coffee.

Mexico is a magical destination filled with history from centuries of culture and empires. The Aztec and Mayan empires are some of the more famed ancient cultures, but even prior to these civilizations, there were peoples like the Olmecs, Toltecs, Mexica, and more.

Even further back, you can see the remnants of the Asteroid impact crater, famed for drastically changing the earth’s climate and environment so much to cause the extinction of the Dinosaurs.


What are the Differences?

The starkest contrast between these two possible family vacation destinations will be the fact that Jamaica is an Island in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

While being a part of the mainland, Mexico will have coasts that touch the Pacific, the Caribbean, and slightly graze the Atlantic along the Yucatan Peninsula. Jamaica has a distinct Rasta culture, the birthplace of Reggae and Bob Marley’s lineage.

Mexico will have years of history and culture, and visiting the ancient ruins will set this country apart from everywhere else in the world.

The climates will differ, as Mexico will have sweeping deserts, mountain ranges, tropical forests, and beachfront resorts, and it varies greatly compared to Jamaica’s island climate.


Pros and Cons of Jamaica vs. Mexico

The pro for Mexico will be the variety of places to visit, which offers a unique experience every time you vacation here.

For example, visiting the ruins turns into a stay at the Yucatan beach resorts, followed by a fishing charter that takes you to the northern coast to take in a Mariachi band along the Rio Grande.

The cons will be the dangers presented by the Cartels, there will be the risk of being entangled with members of this dangerous group of people.

Cons for Jamaica will also be the dangers presented by the desperate and homeless populations found on the island, but the positives will be the fun times that can be had when you stay in the right places, and the music can only be found there.


Which one has more Kids entertainment?

This will be a landslide in favor of Mexico, sheerly because of the size advantage when it comes to places and spaces to visit.

Depending on if you stay in the Northern regions of Mexico, or venture closer to the Yucatan, or west along the Baja of California, there will be multiple vacations worth of entertainment value for the family as a whole.

Jamaica will have fishing charters, kids-friendly pirate adventures, and events, plus the kids will enjoy the island accent, which only comes from here. So even though Mexico wins easily, this does not detract from the family entertainment options on this Caribbean Island.


Which One has more Things to Do for Adults?

Again, we must give this one to Mexico, which sports multiple cities and vacation destinations to adequately entertain the adult members of the family.

Not all families will have to plan for young children, i.e., the kids are teenagers and young adults, for which certain activities will need to be geared towards this fact.

Jamaica offers some world-class vacation destinations and resorts, spend a little extra money to give the adults in your family a luxury experience each member will enjoy.

Wake to a delicious cup of Blue Mountain coffee and tropical climates, get a spa treatment, or chill poolside for a chance to soak up some sun.


When is the best time for a family to Vacation in Jamaica vs. Mexico?

For a time-relevant vacation, the World Cup will be visiting the North American continent within the next four years, which a family might want to start planning now.

A stay in Monterey or the Capital will get you next to the stadiums and emerge in one of the world’s largest international cultural events.

Outside of that, Mexico is a perfect winter destination to escape the cold and enjoy toasty temperatures and swimming weather. Similarly, Jamaica will be a perfect escape from winter’s grasp, holding constant temperatures in the seventies and eighties all year.


Final Thoughts on Jamaica vs. Mexico for Family Vacation

Both countries will be worth a visit, just because both harbor a unique cultural identity that provides fun and memorable times for the family.

If you stay clear of the places you should not go, there is no reason that every member of your family cannot enjoy themselves. Whether you want to visit the Bob Marley Museum or the ancient ruins of the Aztecs or Mayans, get out there.