Is Mount Shasta Worth Visiting?

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Mount Shasta - Is it Worth Visiting?

Mount Shasta is both a potentially active volcano in the northern part of California as well as a small town (sometimes known as Mount Shasta City) just south of this geographical landmark.

Whether you are an active outdoorsman or not will change your opinion on whether the area is worth visiting, but, in general, people agree that the surrounding area is beautiful and has a lot to offer in terms of its nature and outdoor activities.

Read on to learn more about what there is to do in the area, how to plan a trip to Mount Shasta and more.


What Can You See There?

Many people go to the Mount Shasta area for the express purpose of climbing to the peak of the mountain/volcano. This makes it one of the most popular attractions around, but there are several other things you can see and do.

The Mount Shasta area is home to many beautiful vistas and hiking trails that let you gaze upon Earth’s natural beauty. McCloud Falls, Lake Siskiyou, and the Black Butte Trail are just a few examples of what the area has to offer.


For How Long Should You Stay There?

Depending on when you visit Mount Shasta changes how long you should stay and can limit what is even available. Spring and summer are the busiest times of the year because so many enjoy everything the outdoors offers.

If you’re not interested in hiking and the like, then you can simply visit for a day or two to get some scenic pictures of Mount Shasta before being on your way. However, a week or more will give you enough time to hike the best trails and see the spectacular sights.


How Much Would it Cost You?

Depending on your outdoor activity of choice, you may only need to pay for some room and board, but prices can quickly add up if you need to rent equipment.

If you’re looking to ski (both alpine and cross-country are options around Mount Shasta), the average rental for the equipment is about $40.

Rooms at hotels and inns often cost from $100 to $150 per night and can comfortably sleep two adults. So the earlier you book, the cheaper it will typically be. However, these prices can vary considerably during peak tourist season.


When is the Best Time to Visit?

Early May to the end of September is the busiest month of the year for the area because temperatures are pleasant and precipitation is low. Keep in mind that prices will be highest during this time and there may be an annoying amount of crowds and traffic.

If you want to visit during the off-season, October and November might offer beautiful sights as leaves change color. Prices start to drop for accommodation as well. Just be sure to bundle up a bit and expect some rain.

Skiing and winter sports can kick off from December to February because it snows relatively frequently and in healthy amounts. This means what time is best to visit depends on your interests.


What Are the Flaws of Mount Shasta?

As beautiful as the area is, the mountain/volcano of Mount Shasta itself has a serious problem. Many look up at the peak and admire its beauty, but hikers will testify that the top is littered with garbage like candy wrappers.

This is a huge disappointment for many people, especially after the achievement of hiking to the peak. Unfortunately, aside from the trash marrying the peak’s beauty, the town of Mount Shasta is small enough that it doesn’t offer much besides outdoor activities.

If you intend to visit, keep these things in mind so that your expectations are not dashed, and your trip is remembered for what it was.


Final Thoughts on Is Mount Shasta Worth Visiting

Although Mount Shasta City is called a city, just over 3,000 people live there, so there is little to do during the off-season when the weather dictates much of what you can and can’t do outdoors.

Many people say they stop off along roads to simply snap a quick picture before continuing on their way and are satisfied to leave it at that.

However, the area can be a hiking enthusiast’s greatest dream with how many amazing trails and other outdoor opportunities there are.