Is It Better To Stay On St. Simons Or Jekyll Island?

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Clouds in the sky during dusk - Is It Better To Stay On St. Simons Or Jekyll Island?

There are going to be different reasons for wanting to stay at either location. The main difference between St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island would be the difference in lodging.

The Saint Simons area will be more attuned to the more urban entertainment-oriented people, providing motels and golf resorts to which Jekyll Island is more secluded for the people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

The decision on which is better will depend on the person(s) that are planning the stay or vacation to the Massachusetts area.


Which One is More Popular?

As far as popularity goes, it will take swings back and forth depending on who you ask, but overall, most people speak about St. Simons and the attractions packed into the beach area.

Of course, there are different opinions on which set of beaches is better or which environment is preferable.

But most people go to Saint Simons Island when it comes to urban-driven entertainment and Jekyll Island when looking for beaches, relaxation, and seclusion.

The two of these areas are so close to one another that it is hard to talk about one without referencing the other.

Jekyll island is said to have some of the more romantic hideaway beaches in the United States, but moreover, it will have family-oriented entertainment for kids of all ages.


How Should You Decide?

This will be based on a few basic factors, such as who is going and what sorts of activities they like to participate in; in other words, is the group going to be more leaning towards relaxing or being active, moving about?

Then you will have to consider if there are going to be children attending this trip. Jekyll Island will be a quieter option for families that like to avoid crowds.

If you are on a business trip, then entertain your colleagues with a round of golf or dinner at any of the surrounding bars.


Pros and Cons: St Simons or Jekyll Island

Saint Simons Island is known for its shops, restaurants, and luxury resorts, which is perfect for the urbanite or city dweller looking to get just a taste of the outdoors life.

The problem is that there are crowds of people looking to do the same thing, which can lead to overcrowding at times on Saint Simons Island.

Jekyll Island is a quieter space with more secluded lodging options and pristine beaches, and it can be quite a paradise; for a price, it can be very expensive to secure a reservation and accommodations on the island.


Price Range: St. Simons or Jekyll Island

Saint Simons Island hotels will range between about one hundred and five hundred dollars, while the vacation rentals will cost between three and seven hundred twenty dollars.

This does not include resort packages or special deals that the lodging providers in the area make, but a couple staying for a week will spend about two thousand dollars in total.

When thinking about vacationing at Jekyll Island, consider that, on average, visitors spend around one hundred twenty-five dollars per day. Therefore, a couple will spend around two thousand dollars for a week’s stay on the island.


Final Verdict: St. Simons or Jekyll Island

It is a tough decision to select either, for couples expect the spending to be about the same time in both locations, on average.

However, there are going to be more expensive entertainment options on Saint Simons Island, which could quickly run up the bill for the vacation, just as a heads up.

Jekyll Island is more for the family group looking for an all-in-one beach and ocean vacation. For those couples looking to slip away to a romantic beach for a kiss at sunset. To hide away from the world in each other’s arms for just a few moments of peace and love.