Is Idaho Worth Visiting?

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There is going to be a certain crowd to which the Idaho backcountry will appeal, but there will also be wineries and breweries along with some cabins for the more urban inclined.

Idaho boasts over twenty state parks, over twenty-five thousand miles of hiking trails, and over three thousand miles of whitewater rafting areas, and when you’re done, there will be over one hundred and thirty hot springs to choose from and get a relaxing soak.

In short, whether snow play or summer enjoyment, Idaho has recreational activities worth visiting for the outdoor enthusiast in your life.


What Can You See There?

The spine of the United States West would be the Rocky Mountains, which stretches as far south as the mountains of Northern New Mexico, up through Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.

On its way up through Canada and into Alaska in the North Arctic ranges. Idaho is practically covered by the Rockies, which allows for some fun wildlife viewing opportunities, along with beautiful forest and mountain landscapes.

Not to mention live waters fit for some of the best fishing in the United States. There are going to be secret spots that not many know about, such as the Sacajawea’s State monument and museum.

Where visitors can interact with the familial relatives of the legendary Indigenous American Hero that is best known for helping to guide the Lewis and Clark expedition.


What is the Most Popular Attraction in Idaho?

This would be, without a doubt, the hot springs and the Idaho wilderness and recreation areas.

Both snow and dry seasons will have fun activities that will keep tourists and regulars alike coming back to the ski resorts, climbing rocks, zip lines, mountain biking trails, whitewater accessibility, the fishing, and so on.

But, to make it plain, the most popular attraction in Idaho is Yellowstone National Park, and Idaho connects right at the western park border, access being at the West Yellowstone Entrance and Visitors center.

What needs to be said normally goes unsaid. The wilderness areas throughout Idaho will provide outdoor recreation to suit just about every party.


Why Should You Visit Idaho?

There are going to be places that have the ritz and glamor or risk and reward, but when you are going to a place to seek refuge, reconnect to nature, or escape the business reality.

There are going to be places within the western United States that will provide sanctuary and a vacation centered around the bountiful recreational activities the backcountry has to offer.

The nice part about Idaho’s attractions is the summer and winter activities. Both provide some of the best mountain extreme sports experiences in the world, not to mention Yellowstone is next door.


Is Idaho Cheap?

There are few words to describe Idaho. Cheap is not one of them; inexpensive is more suited to the state as it does not boast the largest number of tourist visits.

Not that is Idaho seen as a major vacation destination for the pop culture scene, but most that do visit keep it a secret, similar to when a fisherman finds a perfect spot but tells no one.

That being said, it is rather affordable to visit and add a bit extra if the budget allows. Most of the financially inaccessible features of a vacation at the ‘higher priced’ venues will be within relatively reasonable prices for the smaller budget vacations.


What is the Best Time to Visit Idaho?

This western town is best visited in the winter, and most would say skiing is phenomenal, not to mention soaking in hot springs as the snow falls, is one of those bucket list experiences.

That is not to say that the warmer seasons do not have their say, the Spring blooms are beautiful, and the Fall leaf changes will be a photographer’s delight, not to mention the hot pools feel just as good in the summer evenings.

In the end, this question will depend on the individual; Are you a summer or winter sports or recreational person?

Of course, skiers and Snowboarders will want to shred the powder of the slopes, but BMX professionals also rave about the mountain trails in the Idaho woodlands.


Final Thoughts on Is Idaho Worth Visiting

The Western United States is lucky to boast such wonderful natural areas for citizens and tourists alike to come and enjoy. There is an abundance of recreational opportunities throughout the Rocky Mountain stretches of Idaho and its fellow Rocky Mountain states.

Folks that love to fish, hike, hunt, ski, and just be outdoors will love this state; to visit, and as you have seen, some have decided to stay. There rural minded people will love the places and recreation to be found and discover anew in Idaho.