How To Get A Table At Hells Kitchen?

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There are two types of Hell’s Kitchen. There is the set you see on the show, and there is a restaurant just themed like the show. Getting a table at either of them is hard and vastly different from one another. 

Getting a table on the show has more to do with being a good actor or extra; you won’t get to eat most of the food. 

Getting a table at the actual restaurant is a lot easier, and you do get to enjoy your meal. However, you still likely want to reserve a table several months in advance to be safe. 


Can the Public eat at Hell’s Kitchen?

The general public can eat at Hell’s Kitchen by Gordan Ramsey. However, it isn’t super easy to do so. You can’t just walk in. A reservation is required. 

Additionally, because everyone will be on television, they often have to do a pretty serious screening to ensure they will do well on screen and fit the mood the show is going for. 

It is much easier to get in to eat if you know someone who is involved, but it can be possible for random people from the general public to get in as well.


How hard is it to get a table at Hell’s Kitchen?

Overall, getting a table at Hell’s Kitchen is pretty difficult. Most of the time, they are looking for people that are more actors than the general public. However, they do bring in people in the case of cancellations as a last-minute fill-in. 

It also requires applying quickly. Most of the time, the show is booked out several seasons in advance. So when their social media page mentions something about new reservations, it is a good idea to jump on it immediately. 

They also make you sign a typical NDA and have specific ways they want you to dress, so don’t expect this to be like a normal dinner experience by any means. 

If you just want to eat at Hell’s Kitchen without having to be on the show, Gordon did open up a restaurant called Hell’s Kitchen. However, the food is more reliable and likely to come out than it would on the show. It is also easier to reserve, though still pretty booked up. 


How Much is a Table?

You don’t have to pay for the reservation. However, if you want to eat there, you need to plan to pay somewhere between $90 and $150 per person, depending on if you are adding wine to your meal or not. 

The course is fairly set with limited options, so the price also tends to be fixed. If you are going to the show, you generally get food there for free as part of being on TV. 

However, you can’t expect to eat like you normally would. Generally, you are more there to be an actor and not eat at a restaurant, so it is important to keep that in mind. 

You can consider yourself pretty lucky if you get a few bites between filming. 


How Much in Advance Should You Book a Table?

Generally, booking the restaurant at least a month in advance is a good idea, though several months is often better. That way, you can ensure you get the date you want or need without a problem. 

Some reports mention that they can have over 12,000 reservations in just ten days, so it is a good idea to call far ahead, especially if you are planning on going during a busy tourist season. 

If you are looking to get on the show, you will likely have to book several seasons in advance. You also likely won’t be told if you are getting in until near the last minute. You may even get a call with just a little notice if you live near the area, and they get a cancellation. 


How Can You Make Sure You Get a Table?

The only way to ensure you get a table at the restaurant is to call well in advance. Don’t expect to be able to get a seat with only a few days’ notice or to walk in and be lucky enough to get a table. 

When it comes to the show, you have to be quick at auditioning. You may also consider seeing if you know anyone who works with the FOX show and see if they can get you an audition. 

However, there is no way to ensure that you will get a table 100 percent unless you have very good connections. 


Final Thoughts on How To Get A Table At Hells Kitchen

Many people who have watched Hell’s Kitchen are eager to be on the show. However, most people don’t realize that it is truly a show. Though it looks like people are eating and enjoying themselves, most of it is filmed that way. 

You don’t often get to eat a whole meal during filming. There is an actual restaurant based on the show as well. It doesn’t have quite the same feel, but you are much more likely to get food, and they include meals you commonly see on the show. 

However, for both, you need to plan your trip several months in advance if you hope to actually get in.