How Far Are The Slot Canyons From Salt Lake City?

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Inside of the slot canyons - How Far Are They From Salt Lake City?

The distance between Northern Utah city and Slot Canyon, near Moab and the Colorado border, is about two hundred and thirty- four miles.

In most cases it will take around three, maybe four hours to drive down through Provo, Price, and Green River, starting from the i-15 interstate to Highway 89 east to Highway 6, until merging with the 191 highway to the i-70 corridor.

There are, of course, other forms of travel that will take a few more pennies saved, such as small prop plane rides or helicopter ferries from the Capital of Utah to the recreation offered at Slot Canyon.


What is the Fastest Way to Get There?

As mentioned above, there are going to be ways to take the interstate and highway network to get down from Salt lake to the Slot Canyons of Moab. This route, using the road, will take around three to four hours, depending on the traffic.

As for the fastest route, Utah has an abundance of helicopter services that will fly out of Salt Lake City to destinations as far away as the Grand Canyon.

This makes the Moab Slot Canyons easily within reach of these travel options; the flights will take between a half hour to an hour in full.


What Can You Take Instead of a Car?

As mentioned just a few sentences ago, the fastest way to the Slots canyon area will be via helicopter from Salt Lake Airport. One of the more fun ways to travel is by train, which so happens to be a strong suit of this western United States state.

The Rockies trains are just one of many different travel options throughout the Utah and Colorado Rocky Mountains.

One package includes stays in Salt Lake, Moab, Glenwood Springs, and Denver; everything, including food and tours, can be planned to create the perfect vacation experience.


When is the Best Time to Travel to the Slot Canyons?

This will be debatable, and there are going to be different ways to enjoy the Slot Canyons area beyond the recreational opportunities provided.

Yes, I am speaking about a cozy train ride in the wintertime to see the untouched snow-blanketed hillsides while in the warmth of your own passenger car.

Unless, of course, you are looking to enjoy the mountain biking and hiking weather of the spring and fall, in which the trails are a choice, and the temperatures will be in the sixties and seventies.

Nice compared to the eighties or nineties of the summer months, which then offered a chance for water recreation found in Moab and other Colorado river basin areas.


Which Slot Canyon is the Most Popular?

There are varying opinions on the best slot canyon of all of Utah’s recreational trailheads, but there is one fact about folks that cannot help but complement this one.

Out of all the reviews online, there is one that gets spoken about the most, so much so that it has been reviewed under a minimum of three different names: all with four-star or better ratings.

I am speaking about Red Canyon Slot, better known as the Peek-a-boo Slot canyon, which has over one thousand reviews; a number that none but Moab and Salt Lake can boast such numbers.


How Many Slot Canyons are There in Utah?

There is only going to be a rough estimate. The size and dimensions of each slot canyon can be debated on legitimacy. There are roughly over one thousand different slot canyons that can be claimed throughout the Utah wilderness areas.

This is, however, a rough estimate, it takes a whole lifetime to explore all of them, which start in the Moab eastern portion of the state and stretch out, sweeping to the southwest corner near the California and Nevada border.

There is plenty of mystery, petroglyphs, and maybe an artifact somewhere, but the fun is in canyoneering.


Final Thoughts on How far are the Slot Canyons from Salt Lake City

The largest of Slot Canyons just so happens to be in the Northern reaches of Arizona, but it goes by a grander name than Slot Canyon.

From the Grand Canyon to the Northern reaches of Moab, these canyons provide a nice intermediate between mountaineering and cave exploration.

There are many ways to enjoy a visit to the picturesque scenery and landscapes of the Colorado and Utah wildernesses, whether by train, helicopter, or car; there is an option for everyone to get out to these outdoor recreational areas.

There is nothing like the Rocky Mountains of the Western United States. If you have a chance to visit, be sure to take all the beauty in.