How Do You Get To Petroglyph Pool To Slot Canyon?

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To be more exact, this Utah attraction will be at the Petroglyph Pools to Slot Canyon near Zion National Park and nine miles east of Springdale, using Route nine. The easiest way is to drive there.

Road trips have been known to be a featured mode of transportation when interacting with regular visitors at the trailhead.

Another route to the trailhead would be to hike in, but the design of the trail system off route nine is better to have a mountain bike or vehicle to help get from place to place.


Where are Petroglyph Pools to Slots, Utah?

The exact location of this trailhead is off of route nine in Utah; This is within nine miles of Springdale, which is in the Southwestern region of the state near the border with Arizona and Nevada.

The actual trailhead will be within the boundaries of Zion National Park, along route nine drive.

There will more than likely be a certain amount of fees to enter the park, but as everyone there knows, it is worth the price of admission for those outdoorsy types. The one-point-two-mile trail is just one of many that spring from the route nine roadway.


What is the Fastest Way to Get There?

There are going to be two ways to answer this, one way is from the west, say California somewhere, and the other will be from the east. Generically, we will say that a person lands at Denver International Airport.

The fastest way from California to Zion National Park, with a flight out of Fresno, would be to catch a plane to St. George Regional Airport and drive from there, which would take around three and a half hours in total.

From Denver, which would be about an eight-to-nine-hour drive (similar times from Fresno to Zion National Park).

But again flying into St. George’s Regional Airport from Denver International Airport would take about a total of three and a half hours, after factoring a driving to the National Park.


What is the Closest Airport?

The first airport most people think of from the world’s perspective might be Salt Lake City International Airport, which will be in the northern part of the state.

The closest, however, as mentioned in the article above, will be Saint George’s Regional Airport, which so happens to be conveniently tucked into the state’s southwestern corner, right next to the Zion National Park and Arizona, Nevada borders.

The next closest airport will be the Colorado City airport, which will be in the next state south of Utah, Arizona. This airport is about a solid hour’s drive, across the border and along the Highway 59 and Highway 9 road systems.


How Long is a Car Ride from Salt Lake City to the Petroglyphs Pools Trailhead?

The most direct way to get from the Utah state capital of Salt Lake City to Zion National Park will be down the I-15 interstate that cuts through Provo and Beaver, Utah.

A person, or group, will be taking a road trip that will total about three hundred and some change miles, one way.

This will take, on average, about four and a half hours to complete, north to south, when following the speed limit. This will, of course, be some roadblocks and other events that could delay the arrival time for a trip, but overall, this is what drive time can be expected.


Can you Get There by Bus?

Depending on the travel plans, there will be various ways to get to the National Park, and one route would be to catch a bus from the Las Vegas station and bus in for less than three hundred dollars per adult.

These types of packages include a tour of the Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks but will not be dedicated to reaching the Petroglyph pools to Slots Canyon Trail.

If you can drive or be dropped off at the park, there are going to be shuttle options that can be utilized to get from trailhead to trailhead and visit the other parts of the park more efficiently.


Final Thoughts on How Can You Get to Petroglyph Pool to Slot Canyon

There are many reasons to visit the Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks area in southern Utah. Just the beautiful landscapes and skies would be reason enough.

There will also be many convenient ways to fly into St George’s Regional Airport just outside the parking area, making it accessible to anyone.

There will be many creative ways to build a vacation around Zion National Park and the Springdale / St. George’s area. Hotels and Motels line the Highway Nine roadways, and Camping is always a fun option.