How Do You Get To Little St. Simons Island?

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When you think about the stretch of coast known as Little Saint Simons Island, first will be a moment of remembering, then on remembering how to get there.

The nearest Airport is Wayne County Airport, but the wider choice would be Jacksonville International Airport. From there, a person could take a bus or taxi, or from some areas, a train is an option.

There are going to be plenty of convenient ways to get to any lodging or resort within the Saint Simon’s area, and it is just a matter of creativity and budget-sensible accommodations to make the logistics work.


Can You Get There by Plane?

As mentioned above, there are going to be certain airports within driving distance, including Wayne County Airport, Brunswick Golden Isles Airport, and Jacksonville International Airport.

These will be the best known commercial ways of flying to the Georgia attraction.

There will, however, be options in the private sector that have planes that can fly and land right off the beaches of Saint Simons Island.

This may cost you more than a romantic mind would like to know, but thousands of dollars is a rough estimate of the flight cost even from an airport near the eastern seaboard.


Is St. Simon’s Accessible by Car?

There are going to be many vehicle options for getting into Saint Simons Island beaches and resorts. In short, yes, the island is accessible by car.

You can rent a vehicle from the airport in which you land, purchase a Lyft or Uber to pick you up, or even have a taxi take you to the place you’re staying; the list goes on with road transportation options.

No need for a helicopter. The island has accessibility to the public, starting with a Marine Ferry that will take you right to Little Saint Simons Island.


How Often do Ferries Run?

One unique option, besides the seafront landing or train ride options, will make this adventure special.

There is a series of ferries that will shuttle any vehicles you want, but to truly get the full independence of the vacation, it will take having a personal boat to cruise around and onto the island with.

There are going to be routine daily times for departures at 10:30 am and returns around 4:30 pm, and this makes for pretty easy planning if you can get onto and back off of the little Saint Simons Island.


Can You Go There by Boat?

There are going to be a few ways better than cruising into little Saint Simon’s on your own boat. Of course, one might be getting there via airplane landing in the sea, but who’s judging?

There are going to be two options for these, three possible options, and one includes owning your own boat.

The other would be to rent a boat to get around for the entirety of the stay, which will have the most freedom, besides owning a boat, of course.

The last option is to take the ferry, which has a regular schedule, or depart the mainland at 10:30 am EST and return at about 4:30 pm EST.


What is the Cheapest Option?

The cheapest option might be to get a rowboat or to take the ferry that runs daily. There are going to be day trip fees that will be around two hundred dollars for each person and are said to be kid-friendly.

Little Saint Simons Island will have an economical option for staying on the island itself, escaping from the hustle and bustle of every day and immersing the senses in coastal life.

The cheapest rooms will be in the Cedar House, Helen House Rooms, Hunting Lodge, and River Lodge, which will range from five hundred and twenty-five dollars (a night during the week) to six hundred and seventy-five dollars a night for a weekend and holiday stay.


Final Thoughts on How To Get to Little Saint Simons Island

There are not many places like Little Saint Simons Island for lodging and recreation, from the golf courses to the ferry onto the island, a special feature to which even the family can enjoy their stay.

After which, if only staying for one day can be a small cost of two hundred dollars for each person that will be visiting the island.

There are also going to be private package options in which a person or romantic couple can ride in on the wings of a plane, landing just within sight of the resort. Shakespeare could not write it better himself.