How Do You Get To Buddha Beach In Sedona?

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The Buddha Beach in Sedona - How do you get there?

For those who have not had the pleasure of visiting the Sedona valley area in Arizona, located in the southwestern portion of the United States, the landscape is something out of a western painting.

Saguaros dot the surrounding countryside, and rolling hills give way to desert sunrises loaded with the red rocks of the southwest. Buddha beach, also known as Buddha’s Rock Garden, is nestled in the shadow of Cathedral rock along Oak Creek.

To get there, a visitor must enter through the Crescent Moon Ranch, which is managed and run by the national forest service.


What is the Fastest Way to Get There?

Okay, the simplest way to get to this natural area will be to fly into Sedona, Arizona, if you have a private plane or helicopter to do so. Sky Harbor in Phoenix will be your closest option if you require a large jumbo jet means of travel.

Driving to Sedona from Phoenix will take about an hour, to which a driver will need to locate Red Rock Loop Road until they get to the Crescent Moon Ranch.

There will be parking available for the day visitor, and camping options will be within striking distance. If you look closely, there is a B&B and Spa nearby.


What is the Cheapest Way to Get There?

By foot, no sarcasm. If you have the time to plan a long trek from wherever your starting point may be, hiking and camping along the way will save money on Gas and lodging and be good for the body.

However, there are very affordable fares from Southwest Airlines and other flight providers.

Otherwise, road trips in the deserts of the southwestern United States can be easier to manage than most places.

Sedona is one of those hidden gems that can be a destination. The roads are normally clear, the skies normally clear, and the scenery can be picturesque.


What is the Best Trail to Hike There?

There will be two trails going into the Crescent Moon Ranch area, the one in the north will be the 202B ‘Super-secret’ Slickrock trail, which connects to Chavez Ranch Road. This trail connects to Village drive, which connects to the parking lot outside the Ranch trail area.

From the south, there are more options for a hiker to take, and if you park on Beyond Drive and take the Cathedral Rock trail, it connects to 156 Templeton, the 191 Baldwin, then 191B Red Rock Crossing trail that runs parallel to the Ranch.


Can You Get There by Car?

Yes, simple routes can be taken from Flagstaff, north of Sedona, using Highway 89A until reaching the Upper Red Rock Loop road. Likewise, a trip can come up from the south via Phoenix utilizing either i-17 to get to Highway 260 or using 260 the whole way.

Next would be to turn north on the 89A highway, which will take you to the same Upper Red Rock Loop Road.

As far as driving into the Ranch Recreational area, let it be known there will not be options for this. All motor vehicles are required to purchase a day pass and park in the provided areas if someone wants to hike the day trails.


Where is the Closest Airport?

There will be a small airport in the city of Sedona, Arizona; this will be the closest airport for those with prop engine planes or private accommodations available.

Otherwise, getting a ticket that will fly into the Sky Harbor in Phoenix or into Flagstaff Pulliam Airport might be better.

The two larger airports will be locations that allow for the larger Boeing jets to land. Because of this, Flagstaff and Phoenix will be the most popular options available to a visitor of Sedona and the Buddha Beach natural area.


Final Thoughts on How you get to Buddha Beach in Sedona

The Arizona desert is one of a kind. The landscapes and scenery are worth being sought out to see. Sedona is one of those rare places with desert and forest beauty, an oasis in the middle of the hottest part of the United States.

Getting to the Coconino national forest is rather easy. There are so many hidden gems along the Arizona national forested areas, bringing us to the Crescent Moon Ranch preserve and trail systems.

A savvy outdoors person might surprise a spouse with a stay at the B&B and spa after a few days out on the trail.