How Do I View Blm Land On Google Maps?

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There are many viewing options that come with the Google app, Google Maps, which leads to street views, roadmaps, and satellite feeds.

So, how this would be accomplished is simple; the first thing to do would be to search the state you’re looking for (or the United States for the entire nation) and attach either Bureau of Land Management or simplified BLM.

You will find that Colorado’s BLM website has an interactive map that runs on a Google Maps-like platform and is easy to use, especially when looking right at the yellow BLM lands across some states.


How Can You Find it?

This will be rather easy actually, as mentioned above, will be to search the state and BLM to find an interactive map option. Otherwise, there are going to be different types of maps and options available to a savvy internet research specialist.

One of which will be to find and purchase one of the topographic maps apps available on PC and mobile devices, or even go to the local outdoor recreation stores and find a good ole fashion map to read.

Then again, there is no better way than to use the state’s BLM interactive map options when available.


Is There an App for it?

As mentioned earlier, there are going to be mobile (and PC) applications that will have topographic maps and BLM-highlighted territories differentiating parcels of land.

As far as names of those mobile apps, one would be the GeoPoI LLC BLM Public Lands Maps Guide (USA), which will cover the entire US landmass.

There are other options available that will keep changing as time goes on; most of the GPS apps will have some sort of highlighting layer that can be applied to the map, which will help differentiate National Forest land from BLM land, and private.


Can an Interactive Map Help You?

This is ecstatic. Yes, an online interactive map is perfect for those looking to find BLM land to hunt or get into the backcountry to camp, fish, and enjoy what the USA wilderness has to offer.

The URL address for this website is … and in the ‘after maps/’ portion of the URL, enter the state in question to find a more detailed map of a state you are curious about.

This will give you the most accurate and detailed map of where the BLM land is located and where the borders of those spaces are to keep in compliance with hunting and camping laws.


Is there a Website that Shows you BLM Land?

As mentioned in the section earlier, there is one perfect source for BLM information: the webpage at URL address This can then be followed by a state that an outdoorsman is curious about, but also for those doing research for other reasons.

This will be the best source for the information about the Bureau of Land Management, as it comes directly from the source, but if you would like to find another secondary source.

Then, look up the URL address “… followed by the state with – ‘public lands.’

Both will be easy-to-use interactive maps that deliver the best source of information available online.


Final Thoughts on How to View BLM land on Google Maps

The BLM land system is like the National Forest System, which will keep wild areas pristine and conservation efforts fruitful if you will.

Hunters, campers, and other outdoorsmen will appreciate the wonderful open spaces and forest BLM conserves and maybe even bag a big one while out there.

What environmentalists and outdoorsmen agree on, more than anything, is the need to preserve these wild and open spaces for future usage so that future generations can enjoy the same recreation we do today.

The most effective way to look up BLM and other land boundaries is to download an app or, through a browser, use the URL address.