Hawaii vs. Mexico Family Vacation

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Hill and a sea with blue water - Hawaii vs. Mexico Family Vacation.

Hawaii and Mexico are very different from one another, but each still offers amazing vacation opportunities and experiences.

Both offer natural wonders and the chance to dive into another culture. In addition, both offer high-quality care and resorts to give you maximum comfort during your stay.

However, their costs and safety differ greatly from one another. Mexico is much cheaper than Hawaii while still offering amazing service.

Many feel it is much cheaper for a reason, though. Keep reading to find out more about the differences between a vacation in Mexico and Hawaii.


What are the Differences?

The key differences between a vacation in Mexico and Hawaii are cost and safety. Mexico and Hawaii both offer beautiful beaches. They both offer the ability to stay in high-class resorts and enjoy nature. However, past that, they differ greatly.

Hawaii is a top vacation spot. Because of this, it can get extremely expensive rather quickly. Mexico is much cheaper for the same quality of vacation as Hawaii. The issue is Mexico is much more dangerous for a tourist.

Hawaii accommodates tourists well. They take every measure to make sure you stay safe on your vacation there. Mexico, on the other hand, is known for being more dangerous. Water and food quality can be unsafe if you are not careful. Petty crimes are also common there.


Pros and Cons of Hawaii vs. Mexico

Each vacation has its own quirks that will make one more suitable than the other based on your needs.


Hawaii Vacation Pros:


  • There are a large variety of things to do, from swimming, hiking, shopping, and more.
  • It is extremely safe and well-maintained.


Hawaii Cons:


  • It is very expensive to vacation in Hawaii.
  • Local life is currently collapsing due to an overwhelming number of tourists.
  • It is crowded and busy.


Mexico Pros:


  • There are a large variety of things to do that are similar to Hawaii, but there are also several historical archeological sites of note.
  • It is very cheap to vacation here while still maintaining high quality.


Mexico Cons:


  • There are high rates of crime.
  • It is known for its lack of safety in terms of water and food quality as well.


Which One has More Kids Entertainment?

When looking for a more entertaining spot for your children, Hawaii is the way to go if you can afford it. Hawaii offers a lot more options that kids might find entertaining.

In addition, they have specific activities meant for children, like swimming areas, hikes, parks, and camps.

They offer many options to help keep your children busy with or without the adults present. However, it is much more expensive than in Mexico.

However, this cost difference is worth it if you can afford it for your children. In addition, Mexico is not as safe as Hawaii and has many things that could harm a child.

This includes crime and a general lack of safety. This also includes the chance of drinking unsafe water, eating something harmful, or encountering stray animals. Generally, Hawaii is not only more entertaining for kids but also safer.


Which one has more things to do for Adults?

Hawaii also offers more things for adults to do. This is similar to entertainment for children. Hawaii offers many more opportunities for things to do because it is a top tourist destination. Unlike Mexico, they receive more funding and put more into being designed for tourists.

However, Mexico also offers many amazing options for adults. There are many opportunities to dive into the culture there. In addition, you can visit many unique archeological sites, and the beaches there are unique to the area.

The cost is much cheaper in Mexico than in Hawaii. While they offer different things to do, both have good opportunities and experiences depending on what you are looking for.


When is the Best Time for a Family Vacation in Hawaii and Mexico?

The best times for a family vacation in Hawaii and Mexico are very different from one another. In Hawaii, the best time to visit is during the off-season. The off-season is when the number of tourists is much lower.

You should visit Hawaii in the fall or spring from the months of September-October or April-May. These months are in the off-season, meaning way fewer people and cheaper costs. It is also at a time of year when the weather will still be perfect for your visit.

Mexico, on the other hand, is best experienced during its dry season. Mexico is a rainy country, so you should go during the dry season to avoid the damp and dreary weather.

This time occurs between November and March. However, November is the best time to visit. It is right as the tourist season begins to pick up, so it will not be as busy as it would be during any other point in the dry season.


Final Thoughts on Hawaii Vs Mexico Family Vacation 

Although many people claim that Hawaii is better than Mexico for safety reasons, many find this to be exaggerated. If you stay in the nicer areas of Mexico, you will find your experience to be just as lovely and safe. If you choose Mexico, be smart, and you will be safe.

Hawaii, however, is still a lovely destination for your vacation. It is on the expensive side, but it can be worth it if you want to spend the money and deal with the overwhelming crowds. Either destination has its flaws, but both offer amazing vacations for you and your family.