Does The Ice Hotel Melt Every Year?

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Interior of an Ice hotel - does it melt every year?

For those who are not privy to the Ice Hotel, this is a truly unique experience that comes around only in the wintertime. Located in Sweden, a section of the hotel is crafted each year from the ice of the Torne River, as unique as a vintage year for wine.

For those not into the melting in-spring wing of the resort, permanent structure lodging options are available.

If you want to see the Northern Lights, see parts of the arctic wilderness park, or just have dinner after gazing at the pieces of art displayed at the Gallery; it can be done at the Ice Hotel.


How is it Made?

Every year, the Torne River slows down to a sculpture pace. Jukkasjärvi is in the northern parts of Sweden, above the arctic circle, in which sub-zero temperatures allow for freezing blocks of ice to be used as a building material.

Between the months of late November, early December to April, and spring of the following year.

Builders and sculptors will place and construct unique elements only found in Sweden to complete a truly magical experience by cutting blocks from the river.

This is the most luxurious of Ice hotels available, making this a bucket list item to be checked off multiple times.


How do They Melt it Down?

Every year, around the warmer weather close to the spring equinox, about April on the calendar will be the time that the support beams begin to bow. The warmer seasons will see the temperature get above freezing, opening the Torne for commerce and as a trade route.

Naturally, in tune with the seasons, the ice thins breaking free from winter’s grip, but this is the special part of the Ice Hotel. No single version is the same, as each year, artists old and new will design brand-new rooms and the iconic Ice Bar.


How Long Does it Take to Rebuild It?

On average, each of the past versions of the Ice hotel took five to six weeks to build. But, starting in 1989-1990, there were just the right conditions to create a bond like Ice palace, yes, that Ice hotel.

There will give or take some time to design the inside, create the finer, more razzle dazzle features, and furnish the rooms.

Each architect will have their own amount of time needed to create the vision they have for the legendary Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. It takes on a whole new meaning to annual editions and unique experiences.


Where is the Ice Coming From?

There is a river not far from the village of Jukkasjärvi, and the Torne River is the main source of ice intended for the construction of the Ice Hotel. The local town will have the large equipment needed to cut the blocks and extract them safely from the river.

Then they will transport the blocks to the building site, where the architects will take the lead and direct the placement for the year’s Hotel design.

The ice becomes usable around the winter solstice when the daily temperatures begin to stay below freezing and, in some cases, sub-zero.


Can you Stay at the Ice Hotel in the Summer?

Though the resort will not have the Ice carved portion of the hotel, there will still be accommodations available for booking year-round.

The Ice Hotel 365 opened shop in 2016, and the intent was to deliver an ice experience designed around a twenty-one hundred square meter ice art hall.

In short, yes, there are options in Sweden to book rooms to stay at the Ice hotel in the summertime. Even go to the town of the permanent Ice Bar, built in 1994 and continues to serve Champagne from handmade ice-carved glasses.


Final Thoughts on Does the Ice Hotel melt Every Year

Very few people will know how it feels to stay at the Ice Hotel, but it should be on everyone’s bucket list. This luxury, artful hotel gets carved only once a year with no two structures the same from 1989 – 1990.

Getting it there is pretty easy. There are options to travel via airplane, car, train, and other travel arrangements that can be made as well.

Once there, be ready to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience and enjoy some of the best Nordic Sweden offers, including the dazzling light display known as the northern lights.