Does St. Simons Have Good Beaches?

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Clouds during dusk - Does St. Simons Have Good Beaches?

There are cultures that have routines, almost ritual-like in nature, this Georgian culture on the Island of St. Simons has just such a lifestyle; Going to the beach is just what you do in the St. Simon’s Island community.

There are stretches of pristine coastline which lead out to beautiful natural scenery and rich sunrises.

There are about half a dozen beach options on St. Simons Island, only two of which will be open to the public. The more popular ones will have lifeguard help because of the overwhelming number of tourists that visit this beach every year.


How Many Beaches are There?

As mentioned above, there are about a half dozen beaches to choose from on St. Simon’s Island, and the entire coastline is like one large stretch of beaches.

The two most talked about beaches will be Coast Guard Station Beach, where a person can get out, have a drink, and enjoy the sandy beaches of Georgia.

The other beach would be Massengale Park Beach, which is the more popular of the two; this beach has the convenience of free fishing and parking to go with a nightcap at the hut with a tiki umbrella in it.


Which One is the Most Popular?

The most popular beach on St. Simon’s Island would be the before mentioned Massengale Park Beach. Most visitors will take advantage of the free parking and move about the coast, but remember to respect the homeowners’ properties and space.

The most reviewed beach would be the coastline section known as East Beach, which can boast over one thousand reviews on Google alone.

The next closest will have only a few hundred. Whichever park or beach you decide to visit on St. Simons Island, there will be no doubt plenty of beach space available.


How Much Does it Cost to go Swimming on St. Simons Island?

There are two free options that anyone can utilize. These are the two aforementioned Massengale Park Beach and the East Coast Guard Station Beach. There are, however, private sections of the coastline that might cost a house to access.

There are resort packages available for those looking to spend some vacation time on a quality beach with a pristine coastline.

There are resorts that will have fishing piers close by, top-quality golfing options, and food fresh from the sea, all in favor of making a vacation memorable.


How Many Days in St. Simons Island do you Need?

Few argue that a single round of golf and a trip into the Atlantic Ocean would be enough, and others will tell you that a full week will be needed anywhere to get a full submersed experience in a city or place.

There are so many different restaurants to eat at, fish to catch, beaches to visit, and even golf to play at this Island tucked away in Georgia, United States borders.

Discount packages come in the form of weekend deals or the more cost-effective middle-of-the-week trip when everyone else is working.


When is the Best Time to Visit?

There are going to be varying options to this question, the most popular time of year would easily be during the summertime. Easily the warmest time of the year, the waters will help cool anybody on those plus ninety-degree days when visiting the beaches.

Others will say to go when the crowds are low and the waves are best, meaning November, which will have the best consistent learners and rehab surfing in the country.

The truth is that, depending on a person’s preferences in entertainment and relaxation, St. Simons Island will have a taste for almost everyone.


Final Thoughts on Does St. Simons have Good Beaches

There are few places in the world with a versatile number of activities and attractions like St. Simons Island.

It is known to have solid surfing, quality golf, entertaining fishing options, and fresh seafood, and this east coast town will have a good time for those who know how to look.

In looking on travel websites, there are a variety of deals available for someone looking to get away or take the family on vacation. Most of the lodging accommodations are budget-friendly. Even one or two have a golf course attached.

As can be said, for every purchase made, the best policy is to be an informed shopper and do some research before checking out.