Does Scottsdale Have Hot Springs?

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Trees and a lake - Does Scottsdale Have Hot Springs?

This is a funny question to the general public, but there are hot springs near Scottsdale, Arizona. The desert city in the southwestern region of the United States is known for its golf courses, not normally for hot springs and natural waterways.

About an hour west of the Scottsdale/Phoenix on I-10 is the Castle Hot Springs which just so happens to have a resort tucked into the Bradshaw mountains. Local indigenous used the springs for healing ceremonies, and the warm waters can still be enjoyed today.


What is Scottsdale Known For?

Scottsdale, Arizona, is a desert city in the southwestern region of the United States, which has sun over three hundred days of the year. The place even says this itself; the city and surrounding areas are known for their golf courses and year-round availability.

With over two hundred known golf courses, this sunny destination can argue having the best golf has to offer. Beyond golf, there are resorts in which tourists can stay and participate in seasonal events such as spring training or graduation at ASU.

Then you will have the Phoenix Coyotes and Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Cardinals, among other professional events.


Best Hot Springs near Scottsdale

As mentioned above, this spring is located within an hour of the Scottsdale / Phoenix area and has a nice luxury resort to winter for the holidays. This is, of course, the Castle Hot Springs up north of the city, about an hour west down the I-10 corridor.

This resort houses three separate natural hot springs pools, all with different temperatures of water. The first one will be the smallest and have the hottest water temperature at one hundred and six degrees.

Follow that one up with the second pool, which acts like a hot tub / small pool where someone can relax and enjoy Arizona day or night. Then you have the third and final hot spring, more like a heated pool at eighty-six degrees.


What is the Best Month to Visit Scottsdale, Arizona?

Some will say that the best time to visit this desert oasis is when the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing winter. Others would say they prefer the springtime heats when the Major League Baseball teams are in town.

There will also be professional events, including Spring Training, Major League Baseball, and PGA Tour Golf. The only hard part is picking which events to go to, then picking which of the fine resorts are worth watching.

In this writer and others, the opinion is to go there in the wintertime, possibly even the December to January months.


What are Some Highly Rated Hot Springs in Scottsdale, AZ?

Besides the Castle Hot Springs north of Scottsdale, there will be a bunch of other hot springs that will offer equal quality and allow a person to relax and enjoy the Arizona nights. Below is a list of the six remaining Hot springs resorts within reach of Scottsdale lodging:


  • Verde River Hot Springs – pools heated to ninety-eight degrees Fahrenheit and clusters of pools dot the Verde River for a more private experience.
  • Kaiser Hot Springs— hidden in the Kaiser Spring Canyon, near Burro Creek, is a shallow rock bottom pool with a hot spring at a toasty one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs— Better known for the all-terrain recreation available on this two thousand-acre offers two hot springs tubs for soaking.
  • The essence of Tranquility—A facility with five private tubs and one communal pool with temperatures ranging from ninety-eight to one hundred- and five degrees Fahrenheit.


What are some hot Springs with a Large Number of Reviews in Scottsdale?

The most popular reviewed Hot Spring would go to the El Dorado Hot Springs, located just outside the city limits west of I-10. With over five hundred reviews, there are going to be plenty of chances for negative comments.

This is not the case, however, for its scores in the mid-fours out of five-star reviews giving the El Dorado Hot Springs a solid standing.

Another pair of popular hot springs would be the Castle Hot Springs (four-point-six stars) to the north up I-17 and Verde Hot Springs (four-point-six stars) up past that.


Final Thoughts on Does Scottsdale have Hot Springs

There are going to be plenty of options on where to stay and where to play in Scottsdale, Arizona. There are over seven Hot Springs options for lodging alone, not to mention the variable number of suites and accommodations within the city limits.

The golfing in this Arizona city is top class, the entertainment by Professional Sports Organizations is Major league, and the night scene is one of a kind. So the only question is now, when are you planning a trip to Scottsdale?